Her last day this week

We finished up our days with Rae this week and Keith drove her home. I was surprised that I was able to finish hand quilting the pink and purple top and get it bound today even with our schoolwork and activities. She went with me to the post office and for a hike this afternoon and then played some Around the World (basketball) with Keith before they headed back to Marietta.

Since we don’t go inside restaurants to eat, eating on the curb has become a thing with Rae … when we took her back to Tampa with us in May, we stopped at McDonald’s on the drive and I told her messy eaters couldn’t eat in my car so her and Pop had to eat on the curb. Tonight, they stopped at Chick Fil A and had dinner together on the curb! Isn’t it funny what kids latch on to?


  1. Some day she’ll be telling her own kids how much fun it was to eat on the curb with her grandparents during the quarantine. Looks like a very fond memory in the making.

  2. She is getting a lot of attention while you guys are there and I am sure that Becky and Mo appreciate that both she and they can take a breath. Our McDonalds has caused a change in traffic patterns on the side road their entrance is located on. They have effectively closed that road to thru traffic so everyone cuts through the business across the street’ s parking lot. No one would sit on a curb at either. A new restaurant is opening across the major road so maybe that will split the traffic.

  3. Kids are so adaptable. I actually think we can learn a lot just from watching them be adaptable. Blessings to you and Keith for helping out with Rae and her school work! I don’t have a two year old but I do have my Granddaughter here doing online schooling everyday while I work from home full-time and it can be a bit challenging sometimes.

  4. Hi Mary! Rae is looking so grown up lately. Her face is losing the baby/young look and is maturing into such a lovely young lady. It is SO fabulous that you can spend so much time with her. It makes my heart happy for y’all. ~smile~ Roseanne

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