Blocks are done

I went with a 9 x 12 setting and the quilt will end up about 54 x 72 which is the size of many of my donation quilts. I’m having some additional lighting added to the sewing room tomorrow so I won’t be able to start sewing it together just yet.

I’ve got leftovers from the ends of my strip sets which will become a doll quilt but I want to add a few pieces to make it larger so I cut a few extra strips. I’ve set it aside for now but I hope to get it assembled while I’m here. It’s always easier to get these little ones done when I finish the main quilt or they sit in a baggie for a long time! This is not the layout I’ll use, I was just trying to get an idea of how many I had and what size quilt I could make with them.

I also layered and pin basted another little doll quilt. I was going to quilt some quick diagonal lines on the sewing machine but after finishing the pink and purple quilt, I decided I’d use the gray crochet cotton and hand quilt the straight lines. I know it’s crazy but I just can’t stand throwing away these leftover stripset pieces and the girls like the little quilts for their dolls. They can also be donated. And I get to use up some leftover backing and batting pieces so it’s a win all the way around!

I was enjoying my afternoon in the sewing room and watching out the window. We’re not seeing as many deer as we did this summer but every few days one of us usually sees some. I saw three today.

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