New lighting!

I love it! I had 4 LED lights added to my sewing room at Big Canoe … three are shown in this photo.

And one shown in this photo. All 4 areas are work zones and with just one light in the center of the room, I would cast a shadow over whatever I was working on. I was using a couple side lamps that I’d move from place to place as needed but this is SO much better. The new lights are on a separate switch and have a dimmer too although I don’t expect to have to turn them down when I’m working.

10 thoughts on “New lighting!

  1. I have LED lighting and it’s the best! I also have some Stella lights. Two table lights, and they are great. LED’s also. Enjoy your new lighting! It looks great!


  2. That is the type of lighting I want in my sewing room – pot lights in the ceiling. But the basement ceilings are all Sheetrock and Dave just hates the idea of cutting into it to install lights. So he just keeps saying no way.


  3. I think you will enjoy the LED lighting. It is a good thing that you have the dimmer, too. In my experience, if the lights are too bright for a long enough period of time, my body clock is on non-stop activity stage and one would think I had used the specialty lamp for seasonal affective disorder!


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