We did a bit of exploring today. One of Keith’s former managers told us about Eagles Rest Park on the top of Mount Oglethorpe which is the southern most peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s very close by and it was the original starting point of the Appalachian Trail before it was moved to Springer Mountain. It was kind of cool to be up on the mountain and to see the sign showing the old trail. Unfortunately, we couldn’t walk that trail because it was posted … and the signs warned about hunters.

But we continued up and walked the Grassy Knob trail after looking at some of the great views at the top of the park.

There were also good views along the trail including this one that showed Lake Petit … we live just two houses down from the lake but I couldn’t see our house … not big and fancy enough!! We’re hidden in the trees and I’m fine with that.

The trail was just 1.3 miles but lots of climbing and we did a fair amount of walking before we got on the trail.

I’m definitely in my happy place in the woods and it must have shown because Keith stopped me at one point and asked me how was it that I looked so young and wanted my phone to snap a photo of me in the moment … HE said I looked like I was 30 but I think that was a big exaggeration … maybe he needed his glasses!

On the way home we briefly explored one of the Big Canoe trails we haven’t been on before. It runs along Blackwell Creek and I can’t wait to go back and walk the entire trail … it’s not too long, just a couple miles or so if you include one of the trails it intersects with but again, there was a fair amount of climbing on the way back up from the creek.

I did not get into the sewing room today but I was up late last night and finished knitting the blue hat. I’ll need to take photos of it and the doll quilt and share them. Maybe Rae will model the hat – I think it’s probably about her size.


  1. That part of the country is absolutely beautiful! I’m glad that you got to hike at least part of the trail and I’m looking forward to reading about the rest of your adventures!

  2. Love your hiking choice. Your house while not perfect for your needs is working out very well and doesn’t need to be a spotlight seen from the mountain top. You seem to be the warm den type with a place where your family can gather and be comfortable. Love not huge buildings mark your world in my mind.

  3. I enjoyed the pictures of the scenery and the picture of you is great. I have to agree with your husband, you look so young and happy.

  4. What a wonderful place to walk. Our creek looks like that in places. The kids like to ride 4 wheelers through it. You do look great in that picture!
    xx, Carol

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