This little doll quilt is my 12th UFO finish for the year so any others that I complete by the end of the year are bonuses! Hand quilted with the big stitch method. It’s such simple quilting but I’ve really enjoyed finishing the pink and purple one and quilting this one too. I had several questions from people about Big Stitch hand quilting and I suggest you google it. There are lots of resources available and I’ll tell you that I typically use size 10 crochet cotton and a #24 Chenille needle for mine. If you’re one of those people curious to try out the method I highly recommend trying it on a doll quilt. It’s the perfect size and I’ve already pulled another one to layer and hand quilt.

My stitches aren’t particularly even but I’m sure they’d improve some with practice PLUS, this is a more primitive style of quilting so it doesn’t really seem to matter. The quilt has been washed to remove the markings so it’s already got that nice crinkled look that I love.

And since these are the “leftover” quilts, I think it’s fun to see the the original. I had leftover ends on the strips sets from my windmill quilt with just enough to cut 2.5 inch sections. I can’t stand throwing those bits away and I can usually get enough leftovers for a doll quilt.


  1. Two quilts for the price of one! I’m with you – I can’t throw leftovers away – and I have 4 or 4 scrappy projects on the go to prove it!

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