Thank you

Thank you all for your well wishes and tips to help me through this unexpected turn of events. I think the hardest thing about this right now is being on crutches! Who knew they’d be so hard to manage?! I’m seeing the Orthopedic Dr on Thursday and I’m hoping that maybe by then I’d be able to tolerate weight bearing AND that he’ll allow it and put me in a boot. That’s what I had the last time and trust me, it’s much easier than the crutches.

Several people mentioned manning the sewing machine pedal with my left foot and I did do that last time. This week I’m just going to keep the leg elevated, get in to see the doctor, do some knitting and crochet and we’ll see what next week brings. Thanks again!


  1. Oh no! So sorry about the broken ankle. So glad to hear you’re doing ice/elevate this week! A friend of mine said it was easier to go up/down stairs on her butt than to do with crutches (sharing in case the stairs are causing you grief).

    Take good care.

  2. My mom Many years ago broke an ankle, and then blacked an eye with one of her crutches. She decided it was a good time to read and crochet. Take care, and enjoy some relaxation while you heal.

  3. My mother had her sewing machine foot pedal mounted on the leg of the sewing cabinet and used knee pressure to run it. Not sure why but it may have something to do with 6 kids and a variety of pets. My cat stepped on my machine pedal while I was at my ironing board twice. I guess once wasn’t enough. I still turn off the machine if I am not near it. And cats are no longer here.

  4. I couldn’t handle crutches at all. My husband hired a sort of scooter (from a disability hire shop) that I knelt on with the foot that was broken, then, using my good leg, I could wheel myself around on any flat surface inside and outside the house. I even went shopping in the shopping centre and out to restaurants. I also scooted around on concrete paths at the beach which meant I could walk the dog! It was a godsend in the kitchen as I could easily ‘stand’ at the cook top and bench. I honestly would have gone insane if I hadn’t had this mobility and independence. Check them out online. You must be able to hire them in the US. I am in Australia.

  5. The knee scooter mentioned above is much safer and easier than the crutches. My husband used one after an ankle replacement.

  6. When I had foot surgery I thought crutches would be a breeze since I tested them prior to surgery. But I Could Not Get Out Of The Car when we got home. I called I called and ordered one of those scooters that you place your bended leg on and just go like heck! Beats crutches any day!!
    Best Wishes for a painless recovery.
    xx, Carol

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