Oh happy day!

I saw the Orthopedic doctor this morning and I’m in a boot and off the crutches. That makes me very happy and very relieved. I felt like being on crutches was another accident waiting to happen. He said I could use a cane with the boot if I needed it but I think it’s going to be OK. He also said he didn’t think I’d need surgery …. what?! Let’s hope things heal like he expects them to because I didn’t even think surgery was a possibility.


  1. That’s a nice looking boot😏. It will make life a little easier though. Take care. Best wishes for speedy healing.

  2. I’m SO glad for you! Scary enough to have broken your leg, but to have to hobble around on crutches, too, is worse. I broke my ankle at 16 (nearly 50 years ago!) and it was miserable – broke it on both sides of the ankle….had to be on crutches for weeks before they would put a walking cast on it.

  3. What wonderful news! Drink lots of milk. Now you sew again. I had yo prop mine up in boot some during the day.

  4. Definitely good news! Yay! My walking boot last year was on my left foot, so it didn’t interfere with sewing or driving luckily. But the uneven walking has caused a whole new issue that lingers – hip pain.

  5. Mary glad to see you in a boot and that you do not need surgery. I am sure your anxiety is much less now, Take care. Carolyn

  6. Wonderful news Mary! I wish you all the best and please take care of yourself! Greetings from Elisabeth

  7. That’s wonderful news!! And I agree, crutches are a hazard and especially if you need to go up and down stairs. Now on to sewing with your left foot…

  8. My husband graduated from a walker to crutches today after a total knee replacement last Tuesday. It’s been 10 days since surgery. He would love to be able to use a cane, but not yet.

  9. Happy to hear your boot news, I used a walker and hopped with knee surgery, too uncoordinated to use crutches! Hopefully it will heal fast! Sending healing prayers!

  10. So glad you got the boot!! It looks like the one I had after I gave the scooter back, lol. I’m so glad you are mobile again even if you can’t play kick ball.
    xx, Carol

  11. Congratulations on your healing progress! Yes, crutches are an accident waiting to happen. A few years ago I had to use crutches and within 30 minutes of getting them I fell over backwards in a restaurant! What a lot of shocked faces! It’s better to stay sitting!

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