Let’s just all go out to a bar and drink and dance and who the hell needs masks and social distancing?! No wonder Georgia has been a hot spot for COVID!

This is why we don’t go out and do anything … the idiots here and in Florida don’t take any precautions. I should probably not go on Facebook because it makes me crazy.


  1. I am so frustrated too. We have been given the information and if we all used masks, distancing etc., we could contain this. We will be fighting this way into 2021, maybe 2022! The harm….the selfishness….many will never recover from the economic hardships. This isn’t what America should be. I’m tired of staying in and wearing a mask …. but I don’t want to be responsible for someone getting sick. And I certainly can’t afford to get this virus given my age and health.

    • This virus sure isn’t stopping elderly snow birds returning to Florida, the oldest amount of people in the US. I don’t know what they plan to do because everything is canceling here for the winter. I guess they plan on eating out with half their mobile home park.🙄 It’s party on, they are on vaca. Nothing new to me to quarantine. I have been doing it during season in Florida for a few years. Please Calgon, take me away.

  2. In El Paso , County there was been more than 500 cases a day! This is crazy! It is scary!

    • Ah, but it’s all a hoax, right?! 🤓 Sarcasm. Our “COVID quiet” Minnesota county is exploding with COVID right now. Many tRumpers will not “get it” any time soon. And so we stay home while they party, golf and hold political events without precautions. VOTE 💙

  3. It makes me so crazy angry too, Mary! It’s so easy to wear a mask and protect others. It’s a matter of life or death. I lipread, so living in a world of mask wearing people is a nightmare for me, but right now seeing people without a mask is a much worse nightmare!

  4. I too am so upset by all the people who don’t just wear a mask. I don’t go anywhere except a few trips to the grocery store at 6 a.m. or walking in my neighborhood (with my mask on). If everyone did the few simple things like wearing a mask, safe distancing and avoiding crowds, we could save lives and get this virus under control.

  5. I live in Rhode Island. Our state government health officials and state leadership is science based and consistent with the mask wearing/social distancing messages and restrictions and our family follows safety precautions. The state has even issued guidelines for safe trick or treating and encouraging participation in safe alternatives.
    We had a drive by birthday parade for my Father-in-law yesterday as he’ll turn 90 on Tuesday. We were even able to get a socially distanced family photo with him about 8 feet in front of us and the family behind him all wearing masks, thanks to a friend who took the picture.
    What bothered me was the grumbling about mask wearing. You choose to go out and to be among others, you know what it takes to protect you and them. What does the complaining do other than stir resentment and discontent. There is only one small child in the family she turned 5 last week. What message does she internalize when she hears this from the adults? We have the power to normalize mask wearing behavior in our family, to make our message strong and clear, this is what we do because we love one another, this is what we believe kindness and responsibility look like so this is what we do. It’s one thing to acknowledge that sometimes it’s uncomfortable or inconvenient, but the consistent complaining of I wish we didn’t have to mask, maybe by next (holiday, season, year, event) we won’t have to wear masks… makes me weary.

  6. Yes, and the numbers are spiking. It is too exhausting to be nice about their lack of caring about the rest of the world.

  7. Sadly too true’;000
    Here we’ve been self isolating and mask and glove wearing and just not going anywhere or seeing anyone…and here they are all partying…What spoiled and selfish people…and just plain dumb!!
    hugs, Julierose

  8. I feel exactly the same way!! So tired of the slobs wearing them under their noses too,it’s really not that hard!

  9. I can only control my own actions, but I am staying in most of the time and I have 20 masks because if I go out and get exposed to something I don’t wear that mask to another place. I walk in a park and ask people to stay away but some don’t listen since we are outside but I move as far as I can. I was in the pharmacy which has signs saying you must wear and there was a lady wearing a mask like a necklace she was asked repeatedly to wear it correctly and would pull it up but as soon as the employee that asked her to wear it right was out of sight she pulled it down. I haven’t spent all this time at home to have a person who is unwilling to behave nicely cause me to get ill. I can’t control her in any way.

  10. Hi Mary, we have the same thing here in Wisconsin. Wisconsin is a beer-drinking, party state. Especially on Packer game day and any day at colleges around the state. It doesn’t help that we have a weak governor who put a mask mandate in place…too little, too late. Also, all schools should be on virtual learning this fall, but they are not. It seems the spikes that were predicted last spring are coming true now. I am tired of no travel, no freedom, to shop or socialize with friends, no public social events. And now, plans for 2021 are in jeopardy also. But, on the flip side, all this time at home has given me the opportunity to get alot of sewing done. For the first time in many years, I’ll be done with Christmas gift making by Dec. 1 (usually I’m sewing right down to the wire). It’s a good feeling, but what will I do with myself then? Start working on next year, of course. In the end, though, we cannot control others, just ourselves. Accept what is and make some positive come out of it. One piece of advice…stop watching the news. I did months ago and am better for it. Soldier on, Mary!

  11. We live in a world where everyone feels they are entitled, its all about them & to hell with the rest of the world. My husband actually had a woman (with no mask) come up to him & cough in his face (we wear masks & follow all protocol). Had I been there I would have slapped the woman. I’ve reached the point where I hope those people who go mask less & could care less actually GET the virus & its a serious case. The rest of us are being highly vigilant in this situation, so we’ll likely be ok until the rest of the world gets over their entitlement issues. This winter & early spring is going to show just how important it all is — but it will take high numbers of sickness & death (in those groups) before it starts becoming more important to THEM. The rest of us are going to spend lots more time at home. We are now retired & would like to be alive to enjoy it! With all the time at home at least the ‘honey do’ list is rapidly being reduced on this ‘new’ house of ours (that is as old I am!). Gotta look at the positive side, even when its difficult to find sometimes.

  12. I wish C-19 could focus on those who won’t mask or distance. Alas, it doesn’t care. As a healthcare provider with 39 years in the operating room, “I refuse to die of CO2 poisoning” “I can’t breathe” sends me through the roof. Ignorance and narcissism are rampant this year and our Leader is enabling this.

    I’m just out of words to attempt to educate and change behavior.

  13. I’m from Atlanta but now live in Charlotte. I don’t go to social gathering places. Never did. I am in the vulnerable group because I am 72 (otherwise healthy). For shopping and hair salons, there is signage on the doors requiring masks. It’s restaurants and bars late at night that seem to have this problem. Blaming people who assume they are ten feet tall and bulletproof. I’d rather wear a mask and be wrong than to not wear a mask and be wrong. I choose to go out for necessities and dining at odd times of the day. That way I know I won’t run into a crowd. Please stay safe and healthy. Blessings!

  14. Too many people believe they can do anything they want to do. They are not scientific minded and are ignorant of scientists. My hubby says “you can’t talk to stupid”. In our area of Illinois, which is right across from St.Louis, people just cross the river to do what you can’t do in Illinois. There are signs in some people’s yard saying ‘Pritzler Sucks’. He is our governor who puts restrictions down hard and fast, I respect him. When this virus first hit, I thought for sure I would get it and probably die. Now, I’m not so sure. I try and do the things we are supposed to do, but we slip up all the time, we just forget the mask when dealing with a repairman outside. Afterwards we remember that we didn’t have a mask on and were only 4 feet from him. I don’t have good immunity from germs, I can get sick going to Walmart or being around grubby little boys (my doctors words). I try to detach emotionally from what I read and hear these days, I just don’t like being angry.

  15. The same insanity is happening here with university students. Numbers have rocketed since early September and continue to rise daily. Laramie is now the COVID hotspot of Wyoming. I don’t see 5ings changing anytime soon.

  16. Mary, I’ve stayed away from FB for most of this year, and it has been a real boon for my mental health. I’m an introvert, so staying home isn’t all that hard for me, and our family bubble is extremely careful, not only to protect my husband and me, but also our son who’s at risk as well. The younger members of the family are not all compliant, which means we just don’t see them. It’s awful to have to exclude some, but this is temporary, and if we’re very careful, we’ll be able to be together for years to come.

  17. Our family did all the things they said to do to avoid Covid and we all tested positive this week. My husband hardly goes anywhere (he’s semi-retired and works from home) so either our daughter or myself infected us all. It’s so frustrating when you try and do it right and you get sick and see others flaunting their noncompliance and don’t care.

  18. People are foolish, I haven’t done anything but go to the grocer store since February, and it’s a small price to pay to keep my 93 year old Dad who lives with me, as safe as I can. And you are so right, some people are idiots!

  19. No one enjoys wearing masks, but it is all we can do to protect ourselves and others. It is sad that here in Michigan wearing a mask has become a political issue. Our numbers and infection rate was stabilized over the summer but with more reopening occurring the numbers are on the rise. It would be common sense to continue with safety measures but our State legislature voted to remove our Governor’s emergency power this past week. Thankfully the State Health Dept. has stepped up to continue with many of the Governor’s emergency acts. There currently is a very toxic political environment in our state.

    • Shirlet, I’m in Michigan too…you are so correct! So hard to imagine that something as simple as wearing a mask can cause so much turmoil in our state!

  20. Well, Mary. You certainly opened a can of worms. (: I am glad to hear that so many of us have the same opinions of the lack of respect people have for others by not wearing masks. OR has a big increase increase in cases, too. Esp. among young people.


  21. Yep, same thing here in rural north-central PA. We had a handful of cases in the spring when most people stayed home, but the idiots here demand their “constitutional rights”! Our county’s cases have skyrocketed as well. More than one-third of our total cases in the last 8 months have been in the last two weeks.

  22. Yes, it is very frustrating. The younger generation think it is all blown out of proportion and do whatever they want. I stay home as much as possible and only go out for groceries…with a mask and hand sanitizer. But I think I am going a little bit crazy because I just bought a puppy and I am 73 yrs. old. I figure what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. She is a lot of fun though!!

  23. All I can say is their totally selfish people to even think of doing something like that in this time of the Covid 19 virus! People like that do not have their heads screwed on right. As they say what goes around comes around! In the end people those people will get it. Sad , but usually true. How’s your ankle doing? You take care and stay safe!!

  24. I think we all justify our own little breaches in the known scientific protocols. Many of us have adult children and grandchildren that don’t live in our household visiting. Are we asking them to stay outside six feet away while wearing a mask? In my opinion we don’t set the best example ourselves.

  25. That sums it up well, Mary! We have the siblings of these idiots here in Wisconsin. Good grief. That’s exactly why we don’t go out or do anything either. Work, home, pick up groceries once in a while from ordering online – that’s it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  26. Same here! Very few people taking precautions in SD it seems. And I also get upset every time i see the new or go onto Facebook. Our county has gone from 22 cases to 220+ in just 3 weeks. And still people are whining about boycotting any store that asks them to wear a mask inside. Idiots – just as you said.

  27. Mary, I was really happy to see your comments about your Mom. I was just wondering about her yesterday when I read your blog, thinking it’s been a while since you two have been able to visit. But gosh, a whole year! I look forward to a get-together in the future!

    Just think how much worse Covid would be if EVERYONE refused to wear masks, social distance, etc. Hats off to all of you who care and therefore wear (a mask, that is).

  28. We live on the same compound as my grandson and his family. Our politics are completely different. We are “old people”. They are the young who believe everything they read on FB posted by the right. In CA you must wear a mask. I gladly do. It’s a health issue for my husband but he wears it as long as he can then heads for the truck. As long as this virus is an issue I’ll wear the mask, mandate or not. I know how this country got this way. It started farther back than most people know. Be safe and be well.
    xx, Carol

  29. I live in Melbourne Australia and so far we have been in strict lockdown for 10 weeks. Face masks are compulsory every time you go outside and we can’t travel further than 5 km from home. Even at the states “numbers peak ” it was nothing like you are experiencing in America. I try not to watch the news but sometimes you need to see what’s going on and I have severely reduced my FB time. Your blog has been one of my daily joys.💕I’m a little ” germ phobic” at the moment so I’m washing my hands after being outside and sanitising lots. To you and your family, please take care.

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