Do Over

I tend to repeat quilt patterns … do you?! Sometimes they’re variations on a theme but other times, it’s the same quilt … I love our HeartStrings quilts and they’re pieced on a thin muslin foundation but sometimes I want to play in my strings and not use a foundation. I have made my Strips and Strings Log Cabin quilt multiple times and expect I’ll make it again … and again!

7 thoughts on “Do Over

  1. Lovely quilts! In past years I made a lot of log cabin quilts. Now I’ve done several of your Quick Strippee quilts, and I’ve done more than 1 using the Moda Bake Shop Ritzy Cracker block. I enjoy making some blocks over and over again.


  2. They are lovely! I make at least one log cabin quilt each year, I am working on making one for each of my 3 boys, my 3 DILs, 8 grands, mom, dad and brother – one person from that group on Christmas morning gets their name drawn for this years quilt. It is a fun way to use up scraps, adds a little more fun into Christmas morning, and is a little more fun than trying to make one for everyone in a year and giving them at the same time. Oh – and WAY less overwhelming lol.


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