Mom is so Patient!

You know I do a lot of quilting for Mom but it’s never a problem because she is SOOOOO patient! I have one more of hers to quilt and I was hoping to get it done this year but with the broken ankle and needing to put on the last border I don’t know if it will happen. We used the Hunter Star GO die for this one and pieced the blocks while she was visiting me last year. She took them home, assembled them and added all but the last border and then sent it to me to finish. Isn’t it gorgeous?! It’s my favorite fall colors too.

9 thoughts on “Mom is so Patient!

  1. Wow! Love this quilt top! Those sure are gorgeous fall colors. I’m sure your mom understands about having to wait a little longer. I think that making quilts teach many of us about having patience!!! If only I could sew something as fast as I could think about it…sigh! I wouldn’t have any UFOs in my closet.


  2. That is just gorgeous!! Love the colors. I also made one after seeing your mother’s. I purchased the die and made one using a layer cake I already had. I love that die and will be making another one in Fall colors. Yes, your mother is very patient!!


  3. It really is beautiful. Oh well, hopefully your mom is keeping her fingers busy and I’m sure she has some other quilts to keep her warm.


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