Keith and I were talking about voting today … our plan has been to drive back to Tampa and do early voting. He’s a bit worried about the lines we might encounter and is leaning toward going later versus the week we get back. I want to get it done and am willing to stand in any line for any amount of time to vote for ANYONE other than Trump. Keith is worried about my ankle and me standing for long periods of time. I DON’T CARE about my ankle. I’m going to VOTE and I don’t care how long it takes. We don’t head back until Sunday and I expect it will be the middle of next week before we cast our votes but I will feel relieved once it’s done.


  1. Use a wheelchair to wait in line. You can usually borrow one from the local community center or senior center, where I live.

  2. When I had steel plates put in my right foot, I used a wheel chair to get through long lines. They were not set up correctly for me to have any privacy at all but I did not care. I sat in my wheelchair at a table while everyone in line could see who I was voting for, but I DID NOT CARE. Women have only had the legal right to vote for one hundred years and I am not giving that up EVER. You will find a way and I am always glad to hear women say they treasure their right to vote.

    • We can vote by mail now, although we returned our ballots in person to the box at the courthouse as soon as we got them filled out. I don’t know anything about Florida, but with Keith’s job and your acute disability, would you both qualify for an absentee ballot? Anyway you can, Baby! VOTE!

  3. My husband and I voted last week in our municipal elections. We voted online, which for me was my safest solution. It was a first for us, but it was so user friendly and I felt I was free to exercise my voters rights at a safe distance from possible contagion. Hope those lined won’t be too long.

  4. I understand your eagerness. I went on the 12th only to find all government buildings were closed on Columbus Day. Headed back the next day and once my ballot was turned in, I felt like I could once again breathe.

  5. Yes, I understand your need to vote as soon as you can, especially since you vote in Florida. Let’s hope a lot of people follow your example.

  6. Our county had early voting for seniors and for those with health issues. I was SO HAPPY to vote a few weeks ago. There were no lines and it was in and out. I only wish I could vote again for Biden. I understand how you feel and from the news stories I’ve seen, many others feel the same way also. I like the wheelchair suggestion. Once we move to Oregon we will be able to vote easily, and safely, by mail. I wish it were like that everywhere.

    • Yea for Oregon. I live in Junction City. Voting is SO easy. Our ballot should arrive any day now. I will jump right in and cast my vote for Biden. The ballot box is near the PO. Easy peasy.

  7. Good for you!! My husband and I received out absentee ballots a couple of weeks ago and dropped them off in the hands of the county auditor a couple of days later. Voting is so critical always, but even more so this year.

  8. Good for you for going to early vote. I hope you don’t have to wait too long. My husband and I plan to early vote as well. We have printed out sample ballots to mark up; we have lots of local elections and state amendments that we need to make decisions about before we go to vote.

  9. I’m glad that you’re going to vote! Could you take a small lawn chair to sit on if you experience long lines?

  10. I saw on the Atlanta news that some were taking folding chairs to sit in while in line. Maybe that will help you. I would hate for it to cause problems with swelling and problems. Our votes are important. Be safe traveling home. I love we have the freedom to vote for who we want.

  11. My husband and I received our vote by mail ballots weeks ago and we filled them out and put them in the drop box at the courthouse. Our county has a website where you can track your ballot. They received it. We wanted to make sure our votes were counted and not delayed by the mail. When Biden wins, we’re going to fly our Cubs W flag for the win. We live in a Republican county in a Democrat state.

  12. submitted my vote two weeks ago…received mail-in ballot and delivered it to the election board in person….after that ignored any and all political news…heaven!

  13. Sounds like you’re willing to crawl to the polls – good for you, Mary! But get a wheelchair with foot rests so you can keep that ankle elevated in case you have to wait a long time. Love your blog and website.

  14. I voted early (two weeks ago) and like you, I’d do anything to cast my vote for Biden. I’m weary of all the political drama we’ve been forced to live with for nearly four years.

  15. I would try to find a wheel chair or a walker with a seat so you would be more comfortable. I sent in my ballot yesterday and my husband sent his in last week. In NJ they sent everyone an at home ballot and provided drop boxes all over each county besides the post office. I would also crawl to get him out.

  16. I want to get it done and over with too!!! And will be sooooooo glad when all this is political stuff over!!!! Hopefully the final election will put a stop to some of it.

  17. My husband and I hand delivered our ballots to the drop box at our Court House yesterday. I couldn’t get it there fast enough and feel better for it. I would have crawled to the polls if needed also. I really don’t know if I can put up with another 4 years of the disrespect of our country and it’s people. It hurts me to see what our grandchildren are having to see and experience. My goal for today is to get a Biden sign for my front yard.

  18. I got my flu shot and voted 9/30. A little line but nothing like the lines in Northern Va. I’m looking forward to a president who doesn’t thrive on chaos.

  19. I agree with the others, find a wheelchair or a walker that you can sit on. Voting in a democracy is becoming endangered, so it is so important to vote, especially as a woman. Fortunately, in my country, you can vote online, in person or mail. All very acceptable and has beenthat way for years. Also, there are lots of polling stations – like just 3 kilometres apart often. The more stations set up, the faster voters get through. My prayers are sent heavenward daily for your country.

    • Linda, thank you for your prayers for the USA. We need them if this country is ever going to turn around.

  20. We applied for and received our ballots in the mail. Filled them out, bypassed the line waiting to vote at the courthouse and dropped them in the secure ballot box. Felt great!
    My concern is that whoever wins, there will be riots and violence from the other side, probably more from one side than the other. Sadly, we have lost the desire to be civil to our fellow Americans and the ability to disagree without being downright nasty.

  21. We voted yesterday at a drop box inside our City Hall. Arizona allows anyone to request a ballot be mailed to your address. Then we can either mail it back (we are too paranoid this year) or drop it off at any early polling place or this year they even have secure drive up drop boxes. There were no lines at all at our City Hall. I think this option should be available to all in the USA. Oh…and we seal our ballot in a special envelope and sign the envelope. Our signature is verified against our original application. AND I can go online to check that the county has accepted our ballots!

  22. I understand your determination Mary. This is one year not to miss voting if we don’t want the awfulness to continue. I voted already and took my ballot straight to my township office and turned it in so as not to take a chance it would get lost in the mail.

  23. It’s been years since we waited in line to vote. We have voted Absentee in Indiana. Here in CA they sent us a ballot since we registered as soon as we got here. They will have a drop box at the library in two towns each an hour away so that is how we will deliver our ballot. Too much craziness going on with the mail right now.
    Stay well and be safe.
    xx, Carol

  24. I’m voting in person too because I live in Florida and don’t want to take a chance that our absentee ballots will be disqualified in case someone’s opinion is that the signature doesn’t look the same. I’m going to try it on Monday and hope the lines aren’t too long. Like you, I’d walk 10 miles through a hurricane in a hazmat suit to vote him out if I had to. (Just a reminder, here in Palm Beach County, if you requested an absentee ballot, they’ll ask you for it when you vote in person so make sure you take it with you if you have one – just in case!)

  25. LOVED reading this post and all the comments! I am STILL waiting for my ballot to arrive from California and I keep getting emails telling me that it has been sent but it is not here in Japan yet. I finally downloaded a federal absentee ballot and filled it in and sent it back. I can’t wait around any longer and I’m doing my best to get my vote counted!!! I will be so glad when this election is over!!!!

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