A short drive

Keith and I talked about taking a drive this afternoon but I was pretty tired from having the kids here so we decided to stay close to home and drive to Amicalola Falls just to get out a bit and see some of the fall colors. Our yard is mostly still green but we have a few spots of colors, the red trees in the front I showed several days ago and now some bright orange/yellow by the driveway.

There were some pretty trees by the falls. Normally we hike up but that’s not happening for a while thanks to the broken ankle but you can drive to the top of the falls and walk just a short distance to see them.

We drove up to the lodge too and although there wasn’t a lot of color, I love seeing the layers of the mountains in the distance. The camera on my phone didn’t do this one justice but if you click on it to enlarge the photo, you might see the different depths better.

I’m a bit disappointed that we’ll probably miss peak leaf season while we’re back home in Tampa but I’m counting on still having lots of fall color when we get back in November.


  1. Hi Mary! Gorgeous photos! That last one looks like God’s sun rays are touching areas of the valley. Beautiful. I’m sorry you are going to miss the peak colors but you will see a bit and there’s always next year. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! I like the second picture the best. We also have some beautiful colors going on in the mountains here in Wa State. Fall is my favorite season.

  3. Lovely pictures! I can’t catch the depth of our mountains ever. But we are High Desert so they all seem to run into each other. I am wondering if we will have Autumn colors here. I’m thinking we won’t. Pretty sure I’m not going to miss that at all, lol.
    xx, Carol

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