Another Blue Hat

The laundry and packing are done, the house is straight and the beds made back up after the kids’ visit so Finn and I are relaxing this afternoon.

The ripple blanket is about 2/3 finished so it’s a little bigger than I want to deal with in the car and since since I can’t drive at all … I’ll need something to occupy myself! I decided to cast on another blue hat. I’ve got enough left of the skein to make one more and I’m thinking that one of the others might be a little small. I’ll send all 3 when they’re done and if any of them don’t fit, I’ll have Mom send them back and they can be donated … but hats are very stretchy so with luck all 3 will fit.

You can see I did find one small circular needle here … the Magic Loop method worked well for me and I won’t hesitate to use it again if I need to and possibly even for the crown decreases on this one but it does take some extra time each round switching needles so for the bulk of the hat that is knit before the decreases it’s definitely quicker to use one small circular.


  1. Do you go by video cast on or do you do the long tail cast on? Love your color of yarn. Safe travelshome

  2. Wishing you and Keith an easy, low traffic drive home. You knit so fast that you’ll finish your hat long before you get to Tampa, so i hope you have more yarn with you! Your kids will absolutely miss you and Keith!!

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