It’s never enough

No matter what I get accomplished I always seem to feel like I haven’t done enough. One thing I love about blogging is that when I feel like that, I can look back and see what has been accomplished rather than focusing on what I haven’t. We’ve been here in Big Canoe 5 weeks … I broke my ankle almost two weeks ago and I still managed to assemble 5 tops, finish two crochet afghans and start a third one, knit two hats, finish hand quilting a small top and a doll quilt, spend time with the kids AND have Rae here and function as her fill-in educator for 9 days … 3 days per week x 3 weeks. I didn’t do so bad after all I guess.

Tomorrow will be for packing and getting things straight around here and Sunday we’ll drive home … well Keith will drive and I’ll ride since I still can’t drive. I did get back to see the Orthopedic doctor today and he said my ankle is looking good. If all goes well, I have a good chance of getting out of the boot in 3 more weeks. I had thought I’d be in it for 6-8 weeks so 5 weeks sounds really good to me. I hope to have some quilting progress to share soon after I get home.


  1. Holy Cow! You managed to do a great deal. Good thing you have these pictures to show your accomplishments. I know many times I feel I don’t get much done either but when I look back, I see that as a 75 year old gal, I did OK. That purple Afghan is truly lovely, my favorite of your pictures.

  2. Wow! You’ve done a lot. I know many people wouldn’t accomplish that much in a year. I admire all of your handiwork. Any time you get to spend with the grandchildren is precious. We’ve only done face time with ours for almost three weeks because of the virus. We’ve all been cleared, so hopefully we’ll get to see our three grands soon. Have a safe trip.

  3. You made a lot of lovely things. More than I get done without a broken leg. How nice you got to spend that time with Rae.

  4. You are one of the most productive people I know, Mary!! I’m glad you’ve got the blog to check back and see just how much you have accomplished.

  5. I don’t have my ankle in a boot and you still accomplished FAR more than me!
    I’m happy to hear that it may be coming off sooner than you expected!

  6. I think you were (and are) wonderfully productive…like the little energizer bunny:)))
    Nice finishes in both quilting and knitting…glad to hear your “boot” time will be less than expected…
    hugs, Julierose Stay safe…

  7. I never try to account for my time anymore since I retired. The other day my 8 year old great grand was found slacking when my grandson thought he was completing a garden task. I recounted to him everything I had done while he was daydreaming. I surprised myself with all I had done. Not much sewing but an awful lot of “house care” stuff.

    Glad your foot is healing quickly.
    xx, Carol

  8. You actually manage to do more with a broken ankle than a good share of able bodied folks. But I totally understand the feeling. I do appreciate going back in my blog to see what the month really looked like. This morning I was thinking that October has been a less than productive month – and then I realized it’s only the 17th. LOL

  9. You always accomplish so much no matter what is going on. I only wish I could be so focused. Safe travels!!

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