2 of 7 scarves are done … just a few ends needed to be woven in. Five more to do.

Pattern found here on Ravelry – Hitchhiker
Pattern found on Ravelry – Yowza Weigh it Shawl

I also managed to make a few more masks. No more than I go out I should have plenty but it helps to be able to leave some here and some in GA We’re going to be wearing them for quite a while so I’ll be making a few more for me and Keith and for Chris. My Elna doesn’t handle the bulk as well as the Jane does so I’m going to wait until next week to make the others. Plus I ordered some more novelty fabric for them and it’s in GA too.


  1. Very pretty, when you get the group of scarfs ready for donation, you will make the several people feel special .

  2. I sure hope to learn to knit some of these beautiful scarves someday. I think I’ll sign up for lessons soon. Your knitting is really outstanding.

  3. Love how your scarves turned out. I especially like the blue one. Can’t wait to see the fabrics you ordered.

  4. Both shawls are beautiful!! I hope someone appreciates the work that goes into those. I am pretty sure you have posted a link to the pattern for your masks before, but would you mind posting it again please. I have decided I need to make more and would like to make that style.

  5. Hi Mary! The red shawl is just fabulous (they both are)! I need to make myself more masks, too. Denial is no longer an option – I have been wearing one each day at work and even a nifty one for Halloween. With the holidays quickly approaching, I need to get more creative. ~smile~ Roseanne

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