I like to knit hats, they’re quick!

I’m not neglecting all my duties and I’m still cooking dinner most nights. This bowl of chicken salad will take care of two meals! I’ve had to find new recipes since I’m cooking so much the last 8 months and this Waldorf Chicken Salad has become one of Keith’s favorites. She recommends cooking the chicken breasts in the crock pot but I always fix mine in the Instant Pot.


  1. The chicken salad brings back memories of working with my wedding coordinator aunt whose Waldorff salad was always a hit. I remember cleaning liners for the silver bowls and then artfully arranging lettuce leaves and putting scoops of the salad so they could easily be moved to peoples plates as they moved through the buffet line. The top layer was always the best since it had extra grapes and toasted pecans or almonds depending on the brides request. That memory and the the memory of making melon balls and pineapple pieces for fruit kabobs.

  2. I love your patterns! Thanks for sharing. This will be a great hat to add to my patterns for chemo hats. I have made 58 so far this year.

    What size does this fit as I see you made it smaller. Thank you.

  3. Love that pattern! I may have to get my knitting needles out and attempt to make one. And that chicken salad looks wonderful!! I am so tired of cooking and I do try to make things that we can have multiple times. I freeze soups, chili, spaghetti, etc. in individual containers so we can grab those when I don’t feel like cooking. And sandwiches have been a good option for dinner lately too.

  4. Fun bit of texture on that new hat, Mary. Thanks for the pattern link! That’s basically the same chicken salad recipe that I use. I leave out the apples and celery, though, adjusting for my family’s personal preferences.

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