Another sunset

Keith treated me to another drive and sunset tonight.

There were lots of clouds but just sitting in an isolated little cove with Keith with a nice breeze off the water was lovely.

I didn’t want to leave!

Chris sent me a photo of the girls tonight too. They’re also playing it safe with no trick or treating and no parties but they are having fun at home.

It’s discouraging to watch others though, not taking any precautions. There’s a party outside in our courtyard with the neighbors. No social distancing, no masks, a bunch of kids running around playing and the adults right in the middle of things. Yes it’s outside but they’re all right by each other talking and socializing and it’s been going on for hours so lots of exposure. And a niece posting photos of a Halloween party – inside, a bunch of friends. No masks no distancing and it makes me worry about her exposing others in the family who count on her to be safe. I don’t know how bad things will have to get for people to take COVID seriously. I’m not advocating a shutdown, just simple precautions as we head into the holidays and flu season.


  1. Some people are just so stupid – makes me angry. The UK starts a new lockdown next week – 5th November for 4 weeks. Non essential shops, leisure and entertainment venues closed. No households mixing indoors or in private gardens, unless in your support bubble. Only leave home for specific reasons including education and work. You can meet one person outside your household. A few more I won’t mention. This is what we need to try and get a grip on the situation. Thank goodness I don’t mind staying home and have my sewing and knitting to keep me occupied, whilst listening to my audio books.
    Hope your ankle is starting to feel a lot better 🙂

  2. Our neighbor, who works in the local hospital as a nurse supervisor, is having a big party next door. Her girls are 17 & 19 or so, and no masks, either. She knows better, but chooses NOT to do the right thing. Just hoping they have a case or two so they learn, but they probably wouldn’t even then. But someone else will catch it from them (when they say they follow protocols) and probably get VERY sick. The stupidity and selfishness is never ending….

  3. The best advice I received in New Zealand, when there was community transmission, was to “act as though you are contagious and need to protect those you meet from infection”. Sadly, many people will not take personal responsibility for their actions. Please continue to take care.
    I really enjoy reading your blog. Thankyou Mary.

  4. The girls are adorable in their costumes! Amazing how much both have grown this year. Love your cozy cove and the view of the sunset. Take care and continue to be safe.

  5. The girls looks so cute in their costumes. And what a lovely peaceful way to relax and see the sun set. I agree with you that there just aren’t enough people taking the precautions they should be. My son-in-law was able to rejoin the family today but they decided the kids should not go around the neighborhood. So they made their own fun at home and the kids had a great time.

  6. What a lovely place to spend time. The girls look adorable in their costumes.
    I don’t understand how people can be so selfish….and a nurse!?! I guess some people can’t learn how to care for others.

  7. We are planning on a Thanksgiving with just Todd, Laura, Kaitlin and Tyler at their vacation home in Lake Havasu. We have seen Tyler twice. The first time, just after he left his daughter had tested positive for Covid. We were tested. We quarantined again. Went back after 2 weeks and were tested again. Todd has been here once since, also Tyler. We have not really seen all of them since Christmas. When Todd and Tyler were here, we did not wear masks in the house. We all sat 6-8 feet apart. We miss our family and are looking forward to Thanksgiving. Laura told her mom and dad that due to Covid, we would be spending the holiday together in Havasu. No other family to be included. Her parents understand. There is always a large crowd there. All their kids, the in-laws of each of them, and they bring friends as well. Hard to believe that we have not been together (all of the 5 of them and us) since Christmas. We have not been out of town since early Feb. for our Anniversary. So looking forward to a small Thanksgiving time. I would have backed out of the big gathering. Too many people who I like, but do not know where they have been or who they have been around. Teenage kids etc.

    Stay home and be safe!

  8. The new homeowners across the street from me had a great setup. They put one of those 6′ long folding conference tables at the sidewalk with paper bags of candy in them while they sat in lawn chairs up by the garage. Even had spooky music playing. It was very thoughtful. Don’t know if anyone stopped by, though. Our neighborhood has had fewer and fewer kids every year. All the kids have grown up. I stopped buying candy years ago.

  9. Such a nice way to get out of the house for a bit. And by the water is even better. We live near a small town center and I love walking there when the weather is decent. We’re hoping to do that today because I am feeling very isolated at the moment. Just a little break outside really helps. Your granddaughters are so cute and it is nice that Chris keeps them safe especially since you see so much of them. I don’t understand all the socializing either but there are so many people who don’t believe the seriousness of this. The younger generation mostly. Sad to see but with this election nearing I think we will be seeing even more turmoil. Sad times for sure!!

  10. I can’t figure out why so many people are so blase about Covid. I’m sort of angry about it and very worried. It is a situation like this than only makes rifts in a community…

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