A plan for November

We’ve been chatting on HeartStrings about our plans for November so I shared a list for what I’d like to accomplish this month and decided to post it here too so I can refer back to it and see what I’m supposed to be working on!

My plan for the month is

  • some piecing, (my Charm quilt, a scrappy project, a Strippie or two, and maybe one of my kits)
  • making a few Xmas stockings,
  • hat knitting,
  • I’m ready to start another crochet blanket (but I’m going to wait until we back in GA mid week),
  • I want to do a little hand quilting too – I’ve got two doll quilts waiting and one more partially assembled so I’ll start working on them too.
  • make some more masks.


  1. My main goal is to learn the big stitch quilting to do some of my smaller tops that are too much trouble to put on the longarm. Other projects include piecing and quilting SEVEN Tshirt quilts! (I hate doing those as much as I do mending, but my family does not get the hints!)

  2. Hi Mary! It’s starting to be crunch time for us Christmas crafters. My plans for November: finish assembly of a FPP quilt, quilt and bind four quilts, finish a hand sewing felt stocking kit, get Christmas cards ready to mail, begin a cross stitch piece (gift for wedding in March). Busy hands are happy hands! Craft on!

  3. And I am sure you will accomplish every one of those. I have a couple of unfinished projects I would love to complete. And if I ever get my finished quilt back from my quilter I will hand bind that. She has had it for 3 months so far but is very busy these days so I am trying to be patient. I have a lot I can do but I don’t like to put pressure on myself because I have a lot of interruptions in my days.

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