1. Nice getting things to the completed stage. Wonder how come so many of us get a project so far and leave just that last little bit undone.

    Love the first Be Simple Variation – I looked at the pattern – it says that different weight of yarn can be used – do you remember what you used?

  2. Lots of pretty scarves. They make great gifts and donations. My cousin made me a scarf in a very similar design in a pretty springy pink variegated yarn. But it’s really too small to drape as nicely as yours do.

  3. Lovely shawls. I have the Yowza and Yowza III patterns and a wonderful hank of Knit Picks Kettle Dyed Hawthorne. I’d like to make a Yowza and wondered if you could tell me how much your yarn weighed when you switched to the ribbed edge?

  4. Gorgeous scarves/shawls! The Yowza shawl with the ribbed edge is fabulous. I’m not a fan of ruffled edges, so that adaptation is perfect.

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