Playing games

I can procrastinate when I’m not in the mood to do something and I really wasn’t in the mood to finish the 2nd PLUS 3 top but first I told myself “just finish the blocks and then take them to Big Canoe to assemble” … after I finished them, I decided to go ahead and assemble the top but that I wouldn’t make the doll quilt from the leftovers right now. Tonight, I finished assembling the top and started assembling the doll quilt. I should have that done before we leave too. Most of the time all I need to do is make a START … if I get started, things get done.

I like the first top with the tone on tone fabrics better but this one is OK too. It’s 45 x 63 and will make a nice little donation quilt.

And the doll quilt in progress …. just using up the leftover squares.


  1. Getting started can be SEW challenging. I know because that’s what happens every time I load the longarm!! I debate over the thread color. I agonize over the quilting design. Once I finally begin, I wonder what all the fuss was about! :o))

  2. I liked the first one better also, but this one is nice too. Amen re the social distancing and staying safe!

  3. I am chuckling… the games we play with our own minds. But, like you, I just need to get started! As for COVID, sometimes I feel like I am on the outside, looking in? I really believe, that as quilters, we have an advantage as does anyone who has a hobby or activity that keeps them happy to be home, alone or with their immediate family. It is sad to think that the majority of the population doesn’t have anything to keep their hands and minds busy. My husband is ok for awhile as he likes to read but that is only good for some of the day. With nice weather, he heads outside to work in his garden, getting it ready for winter and next spring. We have small group of seniors we play tennis with and are conscious of distancing but, it is fun to play and laugh and do a bit of socializing. I also meet with my Wednesday quilting group for an hour or so and we take our lawn chairs and meet in a parking lot of a local arena and with rain coming, have figured out that we can move to the covered entrance to stay dry. We are all wrapped in quilts on cooler days and agree, that it is important to meet. One of our group is in her late 80’s and it is a lifesaver for her – a break from her at home routine. She combines our visit with her weekly grocery shopping and other small things that she needs to do. People are getting tired of being alone and want to socialize and party but, add in alcohol and I think they get lax in their precautions? Love the pictures of the drives you take.

  4. I am the same way but if I force myself to get started then I feel better. I’m working on a Christmas table runner for a granddaughter and I am now almost done. I am happy!! Your quilts are very cute! I like the gray background.

  5. Hi Mary! Just getting started . . . isn’t that the case with many things? Getting started with exercise, getting started with making a meal, getting started . . . Nice job and now Rae gets another doll quilt. Win/win/win. ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I should make some doll quilts with the leftovers as I finish a bigger quilt. That is a good idea.

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