Quilt Photos

I’m looking through old photos and discarding a bunch – I take a lot of photos to share on the blog that don’t need to be kept – and I came across some old quilt photos. This one hung over the railing of the loft in our Marietta house around 2003-2006. I left it there for Chris and I wonder if he still has it. I think it was a Buggy Barn pattern maybe?

I’d like to use this layout again for some simple appliqué … maybe Hearts? Or maybe I could use Stars again. Most of the time when I do appliqué like this, I use fusible web and blanket stitch them by hand. It’s been a while since I’ve done an appliqué project. Maybe it’s time?!


  1. If there was a Heart Love icon, instead of a simple Like, I would click on it! This is such a wonderful Quilt! Love, Love it! I should hope that Chris still has it. My goodness—Love the colors and the stars seem to sparkle!

  2. That is pretty!! I love stars in quilts. I bet you could find a similar pattern without appliqué. I have never done appliqué and not sure I want to get started doing it either. I know your mother does a wonderful job. Maybe she would appliqué your stars for you.

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