Election night plans

I’ve already talked about how stressed and anxious I am about the election so you can bet I will NOT be sitting in front of the TV watching the results on Tuesday night. We’re driving back to Big Canoe that day so after 9+ hours in the car I don’t expect to feel like going down and starting something in the sewing room so I’m going to plan to start a new afghan and listen to an audio book. That gives me something to look forward to because you know how much I like to start NEW projects!


  1. I just downloaded John Grisham’s newest book “A Time for Mercy”. It’s based on the Jake Brigance attorney from “A Time to Kill”. Not sure I’ll be able to listen to it without picturing Matthew McConaughey. 🙂 I saw the author on a show about a week ago saying “A Time to Kill” was his favorite book of all he’s written so I’m anxious to listen to this one! Let us know what you choose, please.

  2. Mary enjoy your trip and safe driving. Are you wearing any special socks? Remember to do your leg, ankle exercises and get out and walk every 2 hours. May you have good weather for your trip. All the best. Terry and I miss driving so much but we are on lock down now in the El Paso area. Take care. Carolyn

  3. I’m waiting in Australia with baited breath and I’m afraid I will have to tune in now and again to follow what’s happening.

    Not sure if you have heard of the artist and fellow American, Sally Mavor. For some cringe-making light relief you might want to have a look at her website. I love her wee folk stitching which I have followed for several years. I wish I could get to see one of her exhibitions in the USA.

    Her foray into political satire (post the 2016) election is brilliant, and her article on art and politics will, I think, resonate with you and many of your blog followers.

    Have a great trip!


  4. PS: I became a grandmother for the first time 4 weeks ago. The first girl in our family so I will be making plenty of doll quilts from now on. I also broke out the knitting needles as soon as I heard about the pregnancy and have thoroughly enjoyed knitting hats, cardigans, blankets and, soon, some dungarees. It’s been great fun.

  5. Hoping your trip to Big Canoe will be uneventful. We received our first dusting of snow through the night. We have plans to put our snow tires on this week.
    Today I want to put the last two borders on a flannel scrap quilt that will n doubt keep someone warm this winter.

  6. Going back and forth so often would NOT be my idea of a good time! I know last time you were engaged in entertaining the driver and never touched the projects you brought along in the car. Waiting to see if you get around to knitting on this trip up.

  7. Great plan! I am avoiding news and all commentary. Some will leak through but I will not immerse myself in news like I once did. Hopefully by Christmas this will all be over.

  8. Now the Election Day is here, praying for peace over our land. I heard about a documentary called The Plot Against The President, it was done very well. A young lady directed it, I can’t remember her name. She help me see things in new light. I’ll be reading tonight. I voted and what a thrill I live in a country where we have a vote.

  9. We here at home will not be watching tv returns or listening either…I am going to be hand stitching on my next butterfly and listening to Jazz on Pandora…hope your trip ges well–stay safe and healthy hugs Julierose

  10. Not watching anything to do with this election. I’m horrified by the last minute efforts to get ballots thrown out as well as other acts of violence to stop voting. What kind of country are we now? I do enjoy looking at your various hand made items. I will start lessons next year to knit better, I knit European style, not British/American.

  11. Good plan! I will be watching for sure. Safe travels and looking forward to seeing what your new afghan will be.

  12. Safe trip to you and Keith ! I’ll probably switch channels off and on to keep in touch with what’s going on. Just finished four Hats and Flipped top mitten sets. Now I’m working on a pair of socks for one of my granddaughter’s Stay safe!

  13. All that election chatter will have to carry on without me too. I voted and what will be will be. I don’t need a bunch of talking heads pretending to analyze the whole thing all evening. I think I’ll even shut my laptop down and just read a book on my Kindle.

  14. Same here, Mary. We’ve decided to start a marathon of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies on Disney+ tonight. I know it’s not for everyone, but it will provide a fun distraction that will take us through tonight and several more nights without stress.
    Safe travels! Here’s to a better future.

  15. I deleted a lot of social media so I wouldn’t spend my day doom scrolling and gave myself a free pass on chocolate consumption for 1 night only. I’m working on some embroidery blocks and watching Netflix where there are thankfully no political commercials. I hope you had a safe drive and that we can get back in our sewing rooms with a little extra hope for the future tomorrow.

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