Today’s task was mask making. The turkeys and gingerbread are for Chris, the spacemen for Keith and the orange leaf and acorn ones are for me. If you have to wear masks they should be FUN! I’ve got more to make but should be able to finish them up this week.

You may not know this about me but I’m a very practical person. So when we decided to buy our “retirement” home I had certain requirements it needed to meet. All our basic needs are on one main level …. bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, level entry … everything you might need if you had limited mobility. We also have lots of extra space on the terrace level for guests and my quilting. Since we’re in the mountains in a community with limited access, I didn’t want to live too far from one of the gates OR have to drive a scary windy road to get to the house. The house we bought met all my requirements but doesn’t have the amazing Mountain View’s that many of the ones higher up have. I told Keith that we’d have a small Mountain View from the porch during the winter and sure enough with the leaves falling, we can see it. It’s not a “WOW” view but the sun sets behind it and it’s nice! Can you see it? Find the sun … it’s getting ready to drop out of view.

We’re enjoying the cooler weather and I love being able to have the fire burning. If you remember this was a non vented fireplace but the odor really bothered me so we had a company come in and vent it and now it’s wonderful!

I’m enjoying the fire tonight along with a glass of this wine Keith found for me. How fun is this? I think I should keep the bottle!


  1. Mary, isn’t that wine wonderful?! My sweet brother-in-law bought it for me!! I do think the bottle is a keeper!

  2. My husband gave me a bottle of their chardonnay for my birthday, and I kept the empty bottle to remember my present. You should keep yours, too!

  3. Love your masks! Where did you get the astronaut material. Paul worked at NASA and helped put the first man on the moon before he got caught in the great downsizing. Would love a little reminder of his dream.

  4. A new bottle of wine – what a nice gesture!! Those masks are so fun. I have some Grinch fabric to make Christmas ones for the grandkids and maybe me too.

  5. I love the view of the mountains with the sunshine filtering through the trees. Easier to look at that way. And love the wine bottle!! Keep it for a bud vase and put one or two artificial flowers in it. Would be cute in your sewing room. Your masks are so cute! I need to make some fun ones since it looks like we will be wearing them for a while…UGH!! I need to buy some fun material.

  6. Oh my gosh Mary! Not sure which is cuter, the wine bottle or the frame with a photo of the happy camper who gave it to you! They make such a nice duet it would be a shame to separate them. So by all means, keep that bottle!

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