We arrived

We’re back in the mountains … the drive yesterday wasn’t bad and Finn slept through most of it but he was excited as we got close to the house. Ready to be out of the car I’m sure after 9 hours!

I was afraid that the Autumn leaves would all be gone when we returned especially since Zeta came through the area with tropical storm force winds last week but there’s still plenty of color which makes me very happy and I need some “happy” right now.

The front yard

The back

Another view of the front coming around the side of the house.

It’s a gorgeous day today and I had my lunch outside on the porch and even crocheted a bit. I started a linen stitch Afghan last night with the Mandala Ombré yarn in blues and greens. It’s a mess downstairs since they started on finishing the future longarm room … I wished they’d put up some plastic and shut doors because the drywall dust has gone everywhere but I’ll be happy when it’s done.

It will have a drop ceiling like the rest of the terrace level. It’s only got one window but I’ll have good overhead light and the longarm will be placed near the window. I’ll also have my desk and files in the room as well as a bunch of shelving units lining the walls. Of course, those are future plans for when we move here permanently and in the meantime I’ll use it as an extra guest room.

It’s hard not to be discouraged by the election news but I’m hoping that when all the votes are counted the result will be what I want – a return to a better, kinder, more compassionate America. In the meantime, while the vote counting continues, I’m making more masks and will layer and start hand quilting one of the doll quilts the rest of this week. Next week I’ll start a new quilt.


  1. It is refreshing to hear someone that appreciates nature. Leaves on the trees in late fall and a late warm spell of 60 degrees expected for the next week make me energized. Cold, dreary, wet weather for the previous week makes me appreciate it even more.

    Election results will be contentious for the foreseeable future. I voted. My family voted. We don’t have control over anything more so I am limiting news broadcasts for a while. For my own sanity. I am hopeful for the future.

  2. I sent for some Barbie fabric to make a Quick Strippie for my granddaughter for Christmas. I got it cut out this afternoon and will sew it up tonight. I will get some minky for the back. I hope she likes it.

  3. Hi Mary! Yippee – it looks great on the home front. And WI is reported to be blue so we are making a little headway. Of course, there will be a recount. I’m keeping my hopes high! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. The fat lady has not begun to sing! Have faith. We may not get all of our wishes, but we may get some and those may be significant. Patience…

  5. I might owe you some money. That scenic picture in the middle is my new screensaver and happy place. Hope you will be happier now that you are home.

  6. That photo of Finn makes me smile! He’s such a cutie! We’re all stressed right now, but there’s nothing to do but wait, so I’m knitting and playing with my cat. Enjoy your time in Georgia.

  7. Yes, things are looking hopeful. The trees have been such a blessing this year! We in West Central Illinois have had beautiful, magnificent colors this year. The temps are amazing right now . God is answering my prayers. I am hopeful for the future, finally. Fingers are crossed – just in case . . .

  8. Those autumn leaves make me smile! We don’t really have much of a color change where I live, so it’s always nice to see the lovely colors from other places. At least it is a tiny bit cooler! Your future long arm space will be wonderful! Take care and enjoy the peace and beautiful surroundings of your lovely home!!!

  9. I went to bed anxious and didn’t sleep well. Was tired all day. I’m more hopeful now. We’ve been having temps in the high 60’s low 70’s this week. Nice weather for November. We got word today that our county health department is encouraging all schools in our county to go completely remote from Thanksgiving into the middle of January. While I think that’s a wise decision, I worry about the effects of remote learning with our students.

  10. It looks beautiful and very peaceful there. Love the trees!!!! Enjoy your time and keep the outside news to a minimum if possible. We turn the news on in the morning for a bit and then again in the evening for a bit, just to keep up but that is it. So depressing!!! At least you have a lot of projects to keep you busy and a new longarm room to look forward to. Take care!!

  11. I definitely have post election stress disorder. We are enjoying several days with the temps in the 70s here in Michigan allowing for time to be outdoors. Had two close friends over yesterday for wine on my deck to celebrate a birthday and also our state’s electoral votes going to our candidate of choice:) Enjoyed seeing your autumn leaves as ours have been gone for a few weeks now.

  12. 9 hours! Good dog (and humans) for doing the long ride!

    I’m late posting but I am relieved at the outcome!

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