My day

Finn is such a cutie! He was groomed today and is so handsome.

I layered and started hand quilting the first doll quilt. I don’t use a hoop and I could sit in my nook to quilt this but the table helps support the weight and I have a view out my window while I’m quilting. There are still a lot of green leaves in the trees in the yard so we should have color for quite a while.

Finally, we had happy hour on the porch with a beautiful sunset!


  1. Good morning. Finn is adorable. He has the 4+ cuteness factor. I always find looking out at our forest very peaceful. This morning there is a breeze from the southwest, and I think I can feel a slight mist in the air. Hope not too much, as I’m trying to attack the collection of unused stuff in our large shed. My but how things gather over time. Today is also a day when I’ll spend a bit of time learning the best uses of my newest sewing machine. Hope your day is a good one Mary.

  2. Wow, what a cutie Finn is! I think you have some lovely views, Mary. I especially love the colors of your sunset. Beautiful!!!

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