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I saw the orthopedic doctor today and he said my fracture is healing well. I’m to “wean” myself off the boot over the next week but to keep it close by to have if the terrain warrants caution/more protection. It’s not unusual here to encounter sloping or uneven ground and my ankle won’t be up to that quite yet. I have some nerve impairment that he feels will improve but says it’s not guaranteed and some tendinitis that he told me to expect to get worse before it gets better … it’s always good to know what to expect!

I can’t believe how fast the leaves are changing now and the color just takes my breath away. This is the back yard again but we had a 30 minute drive to the doctor and the trees here are just gorgeous. Keith and I are going to take a drive tomorrow to Amicalola State Park so I’m sure I’ll have more photos to share.

In the sewing room today, I made good progress on the big stitching on the doll quilt. I’m really enjoying this. Who knows, if I keep at it I might even brave a larger project again but at this point I’m still worried I’d put it away and it’d take me a couple years like the pink and purple one did.

On Election Day I started a new Linen Stitch blanket. The yarn is Lion’s Brand Mandala Ombré which is probably my current favorite. It’s very soft! The colorway on this one is Mantra.

Finally, Finn and I continue to enjoy the fire. After the last 6 years in Florida, it’s nice to have a fire each evening! It’s one of the things I loved about Minneapolis.


  1. Mary… glad to hear about your report. I miss the changing of the color of the leaves. we go from green to gold here in Santa Teresa, N.M.. But what I saw today was the cotton fields have been hit by frost so now the cotton is very visible and beautiful. The green in the cotton plants has shrunk and turned and the cotton bushes look amazing. I will try to get a picture of them. Isn’t nature amazing!

  2. Our fall here in the St Louis area has been amazing, my Burning Bush is so red now. Other trees are various reds and golds but most have dropped their leaves. Our yard is filled with leaves just hours after being raked.

  3. I made a quilt for my son and decided to do the Big Stitch quilting. I truly enjoyed doing this method. It was fast and worked well with the quilt pattern. It made a nice masculine looking quilt.

  4. I am really loving this yarn too! I almost bought more yesterday when I was at Joann but I made myself walk away. I’ve got to show restraint with the yarn purchases!

  5. If the nerve impairment continues after your ankle is healed, you might try acupuncture. I had nerve damage after my knee surgery, and acupuncture helped relieve 90% of it. It might help you, too.

  6. So glad your ankle is healing. I love your autumn pictures. Celebrating the news today. I feel like I can sleep again.

  7. It sounds like you will still need to be careful with your ankle. But I bet having the boot off will feel good. The trees there are beautiful. We have a lot of that beauty here in WA state and the colors are amazing!! I love the linen stitch and the yarn colors are beautiful. Finn looks very comfortable in front of the fire. Very cozy!!

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