Take a drive with me

We intended to visit Amicalola State park today but when we arrived there was a line of cars waiting to get in and you know by now that we don’t do crowds and won’t be for a long while with COVID case numbers and hospitalizations rapidly rising and the deaths not far behind them. So we decided we’d stay in the car and drive around a little. We did stop at one of the orchard’s briefly for some hot apple cider (to go).

I can be a nervous passenger on curvy mountain roads especially when Keith is sightseeing AND driving but I managed to enjoy the beauty surrounding us and he managed to control his irritation every time I gasped or grabbed the handgrip above the door!

It’s hard to capture the mountain view’s we drove by from the car but I tried. This view looks toward Big Canoe and our house.

More curvy mountain roads – I have too many beautiful photos to share.

Driving down our street on the way home. The house is on a quiet cul de sac and the driveway on the left is ours. I love the tree canopy on our street.

And another shot of the backyard as we got out of the car.

I hope you found some joy today too. I was relieved to hear the election news today but know that the months and years to come will be difficult – we are a deeply divided nation but at least I have some hope now instead of despair.


  1. That’s a really gorgeous area – glad that you were able to get out to enjoy some of it – and hot cider sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!

  2. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe there are two of us who grab the door handle when riding through the mountains while our husband is driving and sightseeing! I gain a few new gray hairs every time. Too funny.

  3. Can’t remember a more beautiful fall! Rainy spring and dry autumn have certainly provided spectacular views.

  4. Sadly there have been people from whom I wouldn’t expect rudeness being rude. Don’t care which side you were on we need to be working for the country. We have had four years of horrid behavior by both sides lets grow up and work together. Please let all the distrust and ill will turn to hope. Let us all learn to compromise and listen.

  5. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos, Mary! The views are incredible! I think my husband drives the same way as Keith does…!

  6. That area is so On Golden Pond’ish. Natural, stunning and relaxing. Do you plan on living there during the winter or head back to Tampa?

  7. I enjoyed your scenery and read to my husband the part where you grab the door handle and Keith gets irritated…..sounds like us. Southern Illinois has been beautiful this year also, and we certainly needed something beautiful!

  8. It’s been beautiful here in the St Louis area but now it’s ending. Leaves everywhere. I also get nervous in the mountains driving or being driven.

  9. Thanks for the drive . I cant get out for a drive right now hubby who does the driving had shoulder replacement so he can’t do the driving for now , and I only do local driving. So thanks again love the views.

  10. Such beautiful views. The leaves are past being pretty here now, and with the wind we have today even more leaves will be gone. So weird – with the snow and very cold temps we had about 10 days ago, the maple leaves are dead and dry, but still green and on the trees. They never really turned red like normal years when they are the last to turn.

  11. Such beautiful pictures. It is nice to get out for a bit even though it caused a little passenger anxiety. I think all husbands must be the same with their driving. My husband is a lane changer and with our Seattle traffic it is very nerve wracking.

  12. Really enjoyed the photos. Hopefully now we can get back on the right track! It’ surely was a big relief. For the last four years been on a horrible Roller Coaster. Stay safe!! Linnie

  13. I too hold on to the door handle or overhead handle when I’m a passenger. My mother did the same thing. I love the fall pictures. Its been windy here this week and most of our trees have shed their leaves. We’ve been enjoying mid-sixties –low 70’s temperatures here in Northern Illinois.

  14. Thanks for the photos. I get carsick on curvy, windy roads but I did enjoy your photos. We had a frost overnight here in Salem, OR and all day I’ve been watching red, orange, yellow and rust colored leaves fall like snow. So relaxing. The next time the news stresses me out, I’ll think of the leaves drifting down. And like you, I am relieved by the election results.

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