November’s Precut Challenge

The precut this month is Charm Squares. I don’t use them unless it comes up in the challenge but I do seem to collect a few here and there. These are the quilts I’ve done the last couple times they’ve been pulled out of the hat and I’ve liked how they all turned out.

The squares I decided to use this time had prints I didn’t want to cut and after looking around for ideas, I ended up combining several ideas into this … as you can see it’s not assembled yet but I did sew all the blocks today. I had to think a bit because half the blocks were directional and couldn’t be rotated but I think they’re all turned the right way. It looks a bit jumbled right now but I think I’m going to like it.

I did happen to have some of this print from the same line in stash and always intended to use it with the charm packs so it will be the outer border.


  1. That’s a fantastic assortment of blues! The setting gives the illusion of movement – it’s going to make a great quilt!

  2. Very nice Mary.We are dog sitting for our granddaughter tonight, and this little pup thinks we need to be attached at the hip. I love all these pups in our family. Levi is the little guy with us tonight.
    I haven’t had much experience with charms. Seems you always need 2 pkgs to make a little quilt, and that never seems to happen here. Love yours though

  3. I love this idea!! I have a LOT of charm packs stashed away in drawers. You’ve provided some great inspiration again. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for some great ideas to use charm packs. I have one in my stash that needs to be used. Now I can start planning. I love the one you are working on right now. Can’t wait to see it finished. Thanks for sharing.

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