Hurricane Season 2020

Seriously? I’m not sure if it’s good luck or bad luck that we’re not home but Tropical Storm ETA is passing through Tampa now. I’ve been receiving warnings all day … high winds, rain, flooding, tornadoes… it’s very worrisome when you’re not home to keep an eye on things. I know the power went out earlier because the electric company robo called me and I knew it was back on too because they called me later in the day.

This is a replay from a couple weeks ago when we were home in Tampa and Zeta came through Big Canoe as a tropical storm causing lots of downed trees and power outages. Luckily, Keith had a neighbor’s phone number and was able to text and ask if everything was OK at the house here.

I’m hoping we’re as lucky in Tampa as we were up here a couple weeks ago and don’t end up with any damage. I’ll text a couple neighbors in the morning to check.


  1. That’s got to be really hard to not be there in case of problems – but a blessing to not be there if the storm is serious….

  2. Hi Mary! Sheesh! It is hard to be away from home when big events like that are happening. Now that you have two home bases it’s double the worry. {{Hugs}} I hope everything turns out okay. I’ve been praying for everyone in this storm’s path. It seems like there have been a LOT this year. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Oh that is worrisome for sure….pray that no damage occurs to your property…
    So far no big storms up here in CT this year–but who knows, it’s not over til it’s over, right?
    Hang in there hugs, Julierose

  4. Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! You are lucky to be out of Tampa right now but I sure can understand being worried. I hope everything turns out okay!!

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