Enjoying my porch

If you’re like me and have moved a lot, you develop a sense of what you really want in a house. While we’re not picky and easily make compromises, I knew that having an outdoor space was at the top of my list when we decided to buy our retirement home here in the North Georgia mountains.

It can be very buggy here in the southeast and I knew that a screen porch would get a lot more use and we made it a priority during the house hunt. I’m enjoying my lunch outside every day …

And now that the sun is setting early … we’re enjoying our sunset happy hours out there too!

So what did I give up? There’s no bathtub in the master bathroom, closet storage space is lacking, and I would have liked one more bedroom on the main level (but I’m happy with 2 bedrooms plus Keith’s office on this level). And the fireplace is a definitely bonus too now that it’s vented and I can actually USE it!

There’s knitting and crochet going on today in between other activities (cleaning, a drive, and porch time!) but no sewing today. The kids are coming tomorrow to bring Rae. I’m helping out with her schooling again this week and then she’s coming one more visit before Thanksgiving before we close ourselves away from everyone with COVID numbers taking off. There won’t be any holiday time with family (and given the rapid increase in COVID cases, probably no time with family for several months) and even for these last two weeks, we’ve talked to Chris and made sure they haven’t been around anyone without precautions. I can’t tell the boys not to spend time with other family but we can control what we do. Stay safe everyone!


  1. We love the IDEA of a screened in porch, but in reality, we just don’t spend much time out there (since my allergies have gotten worse over the years.) Glad you guys are enjoying yours!

  2. The screened porch would be on my list in a buggy area. COVID numbers and deaths are increasing at an alarming rate in Wyoming. I canceled my Thanksgiving and Christmas plans today. I’ll be staying home and doing my own thing.

  3. Lovely screened in porch and great fireplace…perfect spots for stitching and knitting…
    Our Thanksgiving will be just we two also…no gatherings this year. Hopefully, if we all stay safe next year we will be able to gather once again…it’s simple , social distance, wear a mask, wash hands–how does that impact your freedom I ask??? Enjoy Hugs from afar, Julierose;()

  4. Your screened porch would be useful when I am home in the forest, but at the cottage insects are not a big problem. For an hour at sunset in August we will have some mosquitos, but they are not great in number, and they don’t hang around in the dark. In our winter house, the summers I think are beleagured with black flies and mosquitos, They seem to love me, but the feeling is not reciprocated. Since I’m not here from May till Nov, it isn’t really a problem. However if the time comes when I must live here year round, there will be a screened room added. I don’t care about much else, but cannot abide being feasted upon by those little pests.

  5. We have a trip postponed by ETA that we are going to take in spite of surging numbers. We have lots of masks, lots of cleaners and will be camping in a space described as private by the campground. That implies a certain amount of distance and since we are tent camping not RV our footprint is very small. If people follow the rules we will be fine. Hopefully you will have great success. We will restart our lockdown after our very brief visit.

  6. I had a screened in porch once a long time ago. My life has changed so much because I just don’t read as much as I used to do. I keep busy during the day and watch international TV in the evening with hubby and our dogs. I agree that we need to really look at what’s important and buy a house that fits the bill as much as possible. No house will be perfect. Glad you are happy now. It’s going to be just us two and the dogs for the holidays this year.

  7. I love your outdoor space! Very cozy! We added a cover to our patio a couple of years ago and bought a small gas fire pit. Best thing we have done to this house. We love sitting out there all year long. Martinis’s in the summer and coffee nudges in the winter. Very peaceful and relaxing!

  8. The screen porch will be used a lot whenever you are there. Such a relaxing spot. We are not doing Thanksgiving with the kids. My older daughter is very angry with her in-laws right now because they do not believe in wearing masks or social distancing. My son-in-law had planned to take the kids to his folks this weekend while he hunted with his dad. But his mom is sick with cold-like – or Covid – symptoms and refuses to get tested. So he told them he was not bringing the kids and expose them to whatever.

  9. I will also be spending my holidays alone this year. There 12 of us when we are all together and I usually host and everyone brings a side dish so it will be very different this year. My children have to work so this is the only solution for now. Love your porch. Mine isn’t screened in but I use it mostly in the daytime. It got a lot of use this summer when I entertained one or two friends at a time as we could be outside and keep a safe distance from each other.

  10. I have always wanted a screened porch. We are spending Thanksgiving by ourselves this year. We don’t know about Christmas. Husband may have to take a leave so that he can quarantine for 2 weeks before Christmas. My son is worried since he is still working. He works outdoors at a local college giving people parking passes. Luckily the college is going all remote after next week so my husband will not see too many people. If not when he gets out we will count down 14 days and then have Christmas.

  11. You’re a very smart lady to distance yourselves from everyone. It will be just the four of us this thanksgiving. Usually I have about twelve or thirteen. The virus is getting really bad. Have a Happy Thanksgiving ! Your granddaughter’s look very happy. Stay safe!

  12. The numbers are increasing in Japan too which is a shame because for so long we’ve been able to keep the virus at bay…. I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to go lockdown pretty soon….

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