The boxed squares top is finished…. or is it? I flipped two blocks when I was sewing it together and didn’t notice. I guess that happens when there are lots of interruptions.

This was how it was supposed to be sewn …

I might just take off the top row and flip two blocks around or I might not …. but I think it bothers me enough to take it off.


  1. I sure don’t see it, but now is the time to change it if it really bothers you. I am the queen of maverick blocks. My husband the quilter caught my last one before he started quilting and I repaired the situation. But several have passed me by. I once sent a quilt to an organization. When they posted the photo of the quilt, I realized that there were only 3 sides of the inner border! The person who received the quilt sent me a lovely letter, saying how much he appreciated the quilt. BTW, It’s a great quilt, Mary.

  2. Ok Mary, I have just spent the past 10 minutes trying to find the flip in the top row you were referring to. I still can’t find it although zoomed in twice. Where is the issue?

  3. I had a guess at which 2 were the culprits & I was right; it would annoy me & I’d definitely start unpicking, otherwise looking good 🙂

    • There are two fabrics the same next to each other. Second square and seventh square should be swapped to avoid it. Unless you looked really closely no one would know. But since Mary made it,she knows!!!

  4. Difficult pick the culprit but if it annoys you do a bit of frog stitching ie rip it rip it
    Its turned out pretty.
    Want to thank you for inspiration too procrasting last week about starting making a shirt so instead I made an eyespy quilt using 5inch squares and a couple of borders

  5. It took me a few seconds but I’d rip it out too. Too much repetition. It’s a very pretty quilt. I’d like to make this one myself.

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