So, I did fix my error today and I’ll post another photo of the Boxed Squares quilt tomorrow.

We saw deer in the yard daily this past summer and it’s less frequent now but I still glance up from my sewing now and then and see a visitor. Rae got to see this one this morning too. She gets as excited about the deer as I do.

Her classes involve a number of video calls and she’s good about keeping up with the time (she sets an Alexa alarm for a couple minutes before she’s supposed to sign on). Her last class usually ends around 1:15 and she continues to work until 2:30. I sew most of the day, stopping to help her as needed and after her video calls, I usually sit in the room with her while she’s finishing her assignments. Finn likes to come down and sit with us too. That’s my current hat project in my lap.

We take short breaks during the day doing some yoga and when we’re done with school for the day, Rae’s always happy to go outside and sit on the swing … it was the one thing she told us she hoped the new house had when we were house hunting. She looked so grown up sitting out there today.


  1. Ray is growing up to fast, they don’t stay little very long, she’s becoming quite a young lady, beautiful too. What a majestic picture of your visitor, it’s a i he knew you taking his pic, so he posed for you!

  2. You’re right, she does look very grown up. Just a glimpse of the future young lady she is becoming. Every week that my grandkids can stay in “in-person” classes is a gift right now. The other kids have done OK with school online, but Mason doesn’t. He needs the structure provided by his IEP at school. And unfortunately he has missed 3 weeks of school so far. The schools have been doing a great job of keeping the kids safe and healthy IN school, but they can’t control what happens outside of school unfortunately. A few schools around us have gone back online for short periods of time this fall.

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