I mentioned last week I have my routine here at Big Canoe … at least for now. During the day I sew downstairs, knitting on my hats when I take breaks and in the evenings I work on my crochet blankets upstairs. Today, I started a new quilt and this evening a new blanket. Tomorrow, I’ll start a new hat. Progress is being made all around not that it was easy getting this blanket started.

Last night I tried several different patterns and hook sizes for this Caron Cotton Cake yarn and nothing worked. I now have two other patterns I’m anxious to try with other yarns, but they weren’t right for this one. At one point I had two different projects on different skeins trying to decide between them and I frogged a couple false starts too.

Tonight I went with a shell pattern and I think it’s going to work.


  1. Love crochet shells, I once crocheted about 6 in a year for family members. I didn’t use yarn like this, I changed my colors every other row, I think. My mother had shades of lilac, so pretty. Many years after she died, we buried our sweet dog wrapped in that blanket because she loved it so. Memories.

  2. I mostly try to follow a routine too. I am at my desk most mornings by 9:00 and hopefully catch up with my online students, and process invoices or write contract docs for the other job. My goal is to be done with “work” by 2:30 most days. That leaves me some afternoon time for sewing, reading, etc.

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