I recently saw a question about the best chair for sewing in one of the groups I occasionally follow and thought I’d share my favorite chair. Over the years I’ve sewn in a number of chairs starting with a basic dining room chair and several different office chairs but my favorite is this chair I ordered from Amazon. I have two of them that I bought for my sewing room in Tampa. It’s leather, it swivels, you can raise and lower the seat, and it does not have arms.

I checked the price at the link above and it has gone up quite a bit in the two and a half years since I bought my second one. I paid $105 for mine. When I needed a sewing chair for Big Canoe, that was the first one I went looking for but it was unavailable. I ordered another office chair that had all the same features EXCEPT it’s cloth and not leather … not the best choice with all the strings but it will work for now. I think I need one of those animal hair brushes to see if I can clean them off.

You can see I’ve made progress on the Granny Square quilt in the background. I had several comments about it and people seemed confused, thinking it was a different quilt than the one on the Twisted Irish Chain class handout I’d shared. Nope, it’s the same quilt. Just a simple square alternated with a 9 patch block and it’s the placement of the squares in the 9 patch that create the pattern.


  1. Hi again, Mary! AHA – I understand the quilt layout now. It makes perfect sense. And that chair! It looks like it might be challenging to get the lint off of it. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on with that quilt in the previous post…lol. Love the pattern, it will be beautiful when you are finished.

  3. I have recently found that a net-like shower ball does a good job removing unwanted threads on chairs and cutting boards. You should use a new shower ball and only use it for the sewing room and removal of threads of lint. Hope this helps!

  4. I use a chair likes yours and it’s really nice, mine has cloth but it’s not too bad about lint etc. I love your quilt in the background but to be honest, solid fabrics aren’t my thing. I did make a beautiful solid quilt last year, but I actually find working with solids boring. I do use solids for sashing and borders though, I have tons of solids. Your quilt is pretty and I’d like to make one like it.

  5. Really like your quilt. That is design wall friendly. My sister-in-law pressed a bunch of blue scraps for me the other day. It’s amazing how much fabric was in that tote. I think your design will be one I make from some of it. I have several chairs and recently 2 of them started not staying up. In the past I would throw them out but theses really were like new. We ordered new gas shocks for $20. They are a higher weight limit than the original ones. It takes a little man power to remove the old part but not anymore work than assembling a new chair.

  6. This chair is very much like the one I use also. I can swivel without moving the wheels in case a doggie happens to be close by. The adjustable height of the seat is great as I am short. I have a few tables that are at different heights and this chair is great for them all. And it is comfortable. Thanks for all you share.

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