Heartstrings sew along

We’re going to have a sew along Thanksgiving weekend. Since I won’t be entertaining or feeding a crowd, I thought I’d invite my HeartStrings group to sew along with me virtually. My project will be one of our Sharon Inspired HeartStrings quilts and I’ve pulled my fabric and am ready to start on Thursday. These are a “planned” version using 8 fabrics versus our scrappy HeartStrings quilts and it’s always fun to see how they turn out. You can find brief instructions on my website.

Today, I had planned to get the border on the Granny Squares quilt but ended up in the ER this afternoon … again! A small bump under the skin on my face quickly became a large abscess causing a significant amount of pain and swelling. After antibiotic shots in both hips … and a script for more, I was sent home. I’d only been to the ER once in the last 20 years and now two visits in two months, UGH! I’ll get to work on that border tomorrow.

Funny but sometimes when the challenges pile up, I become even more grateful for my blessings. Today, I’m thankful for Keith and his love and support and for the beautiful sunset I was able to enjoy when we got home from the hospital.


  1. I bet you can’t wait for 2020 to end. This year has been quite eventful.

    Nice idea to have a group sewing over the holiday to stay busy. I plan just dinner for 2 on Thanksgiving and spend 3 days off work on the house preparing for Christmas.

    Early holiday lights before Thanksgiving do not seem to bother me this year. I like the festive look. But Christmas carols since early November does. Maybe I will take some time to decorate outdoors this year.
    Have a safe Thanksgiving.

  2. So sorry you are having so much trouble. Thank goodness you have Keith to help you just like you would help him if the need ever arose. Have fun with you sew along.

  3. Weird physical things happen to us as we start getting older, hope your face gets healed soon. I’d love to sew along but my life is full right now. My mission today is getting doors. I am scouring Marketplace for brand new doors for the many I need at our new house. I’ve been very lucky. And yes, I understand your grateful heart, I have one too.

  4. WHen it rains, it pours. So sorry to hear, happy Keith was there to take you to the ER and that you were able to enjoy that great sunset. It really is the small things in life that make us able to be happy and thankful. Wishing you some fun sewing this weekend and a great, if quiet, Thanksgiving.

  5. Hopefully that bump will heal and disappear quickly. Enjoy that sew along with your Heart Strings group. I’m binding my Rainbow String quilt this week and loving how that turned out. Thank you for the inspiration you give us. The Sharon variation is definitely on my “to do” list of quilt.

  6. Oh boy, you have had enough on your plate this year, I hope you heal quickly. It seems the older we get the more problems we have, I seem to end up in ER more often since I hit my 60’s. And yes I agree there is always something or someone to be thankful, and hubby is a the top of my list, followed by my daughters.

  7. I’m so sorry about the ER visit. Those are never fun and during this COVID crisis I would imagine not a good experience. I hope you feel better soon and it heals well and fast! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. I’m thinking about you Mary. I intensely dislike that kind of pain. Hope it settles quickly, and that the infection leaves quickly and completely. It was a beautiful sunset. I’m wondering if I might be able to sew a few string blocks this weekend. I did promise myself that I am in finishing ,not starting mode, but maybe a few would be ok. I have been thinking of using the paper from old sewing patterns for my base. I have lots of them.

  9. Yikes, Mary! I wonder if that bump was a bite of some sort? I hope the pain is gone & swelling is going.
    Love your fabric choices for the sew-along. I’m guessing that awesome stripe is your center strip? This one’s going to be beautiful!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you & Keith. Let’s hope there are no more surprises coming your way.

  10. Hi Mary! {{Hugs}} How worrisome but I’m thankful that the ER could help you so quickly. Keith is definitely a good egg, and a wonderful partner for you. Your Thanksgiving project looks and sounds fun. I am hoping to get a bit of sewing done along with some decorating as well. Happy Thanksgiving to you both. ~smile~ Roseanne

  11. Hope you heal fast. Your sew along sounds like fun. I am currently finishing up a small quilt made using a honeybun. Got to make a trip to get fabric for borders and backing.

  12. Hope you heal fast! Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and can’t wait to see your latest heartstring quilt with such great fabrics.

  13. Mary… I hope you are feeling better today. Our sunset in Santa Teresa looked just like yours…it is amazing how alike they are. No trees just the sky. Again hope you are doing better, Sincerely Carolyn

  14. Oh no! I’m sorry you’ve been having to see the inside of a hospital so much! Get some rest! Don’t press yourself too hard! Enjoy God’s beautiful sky!

  15. Love the fabrics you have chosen for your projects. Hope you are feeling better, so grateful you were able to get some medical care immediately.

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