1. Another lovely colour and thanks once again for the link. Which small child beanie style hat (1 year) would you recommend to knit on 40cm circular needles?

  2. My favourite colour and a delightful pattern. It’s good to challenge ourselves with new patterns. This will look sweet on.

  3. Love the look and color of this new hat.
    Hope and pray that the spot on your face is slowly responding to the antibiotics.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. It will be a beautiful hat when you are finished. Praying for your face to heal quickly and the pain to go away. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. We are downsized this year . I usually host 30 family members, but this year its just our immediate family of 8. We’ve been together from the beginning and are careful.

  5. belated wishes for a quick recovery. Like the others, I had to go back and look at what had happened to you. Just one more 2020 hit. Don’t like to wish my life away but I am seriously over this year. Thankful that America has a new president and that we have new covid vaccines in the wing. Take care

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