Happy Thanksgiving

So you know bad things never happen alone right? The abscess on my face is about the same, but at least it’s no worse. That’s good news. This morning I broke off half of one of my crowns. Yes, it’s the same one that chipped last month and my dentist said we’d wait to replace it next month, that it would be fine…. ugh. Of course it would break off on Thanksgiving morning leaving the tooth underneath open and unprotected BUT I have had a root canal and I’m not having pain from it AND I found a local dentist who is willing to see me tomorrow and put a temporary crown on it even though his office is closed tomorrow.

So with the abscess on one side of my face interfering with my ability to chew and the broken crown on the other side … I will be sticking to liquids today. Keith is fine with me cooking our Thanksgiving meal tomorrow after I get the temporary crown.

It’s been a challenging week but I’m grateful for my family and many other blessings in my life.

Bottom line, I got a little more sewing time in since I didn’t have to start cooking dinner this afternoon. I cut all my strips and started sewing my Sharon inspired HeartStrings blocks. I’m going to stop and watch some football with Keith but I might just sew a little more tonight when he goes to bed.

Wishing you and your family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!


  1. Well, Mary…when it rains it certainly pours! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving…tomorrow!
    The quilt is gorgeous! Take care!

  2. Darn. I’m so sorry. Blessings to that dentist willing to help you on his day off.
    We do have so much to be thankful for, if we let our hearts lead.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    • It’s a blessing that we can recognize our blessings! Your Sharon-inspired heartstrings is fabulous! Hang in there. It is a year to remember, for sure

  3. Oh Mary, you’ve had quite a week! I hope the abscess begins to clear up. So good that you were able to find a dentist to open his office for you. Thanksgiving will taste even better tomorrow!

  4. Oh that is a shame, Mary….so sorry to hear of your problems…I hope your tooth is fixed well
    tomorrow …and that you are healing quickly….
    Very pretty blocks on that quilt
    hugs from afar and Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Bad things always seem to come in 3s. Hope this is it for you.

    We delivered our boxes of books, treats, annual ornaments to both girls’ families. Masks on. We got a later start than planned and ended up at the second house about an hour before they were going to eat. My son-in-law convinced us to just stay and join them. It was just their household as the friends who were planning to join them didn’t come. Both girls married good cooks, and letting someone else do the cooking was a treat.

  6. Oh my gosh.. maybe you should buy a lottery ticket for when you luck goes full force in the opposite direction!

    I love how the Sharon string blocks are looking. I’ll have to admit, I didn’t see it looking this fantastic when you showed the fabrics…lol. I can see now why you like the stripes for the center strip and how that lime really makes the blocks pop. It has to be fun watching those great choices come to life! Feel better! ♥

  7. Last year my entire crown broke off at the gum line from decay. I had a root canal done over 20 years ago so there wasn’t any pain. I had to have it taken out piece by piece for over an hour. It’s all healed now but the nerves in the tooth next to it went bad about 6 weeks ago and I had that removed also. My two back jaw teeth. So next year I’ll see what I want to do for those spots. I hope your news is good for your crown and isn’t it wonderful that you had a root canal. Your quilt top is certainly very beautiful, looking a little different than what I had imagined. You did a great job in spite of these two health issues.

  8. Having been quilting like crazy to get a Christmas quilt out the door I missed the abscess completely and a couple other posts. Please forgive me. I am glad you have someone to fix the crown and that you are getting better.

  9. Oh no, you have not had a good week! Hopefully your tooth will be fixed and ready for dinner today. Your quilt it turning out just beautiful!! I am impressed that you still have the desire to sew.

  10. Ugh. No fun. I believe one dentist told me you could put a crown on temporarily with a squirt of toothpaste. I doubt it would hold up to to chewing much. Your string quilt is looking fabulous. I hope the temp crown gets glued on soon and you can enjoy a nice turkey dinner. And more sewing this weekend.

  11. Your really having a time of it!! Wonder why that cyst popped up? That must be sore! Terrible spot to have it! So sorry Mary! You don’t deserve that! Like the way the Quilt came out. What a pretty color for a hat. Good luck with the dentist! Happy Thanksgiving ! xxoo

  12. Gosh you are in the wars. Glad the dentist is accomodating your heart strings look great and I like the pattern of purple zigzag beanie. Th for sharing
    Keep on healing.

  13. Good to have found a dentist on a holiday. So sorry that your face hasn’t healed completely… Things will get better!!!

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