I didn’t sew as much as I’d planned today. I got 16 more blocks pieced and plan to go back down around 9 or 9:30 when Keith heads to bed. We just have 2 more days before heading back to Tampa and ideally I’d like to finish everything I’m working on … this HeartStrings top, the Shell blanket, and the zigzag hat but not sure I have enough time.

One of the tasks I wanted done today was hanging the rest of the Mix Tile photos. We added a row to the top of this group.

And added a second grouping a little further down the hallway. I wanted photos that highlighted Big Canoe and the family and I think these are all perfect. It’s a relatively inexpensive way to get photos on the walls too.

Now that my ankle is more stable we went down to the north Marina to check out my kayak berth. I’d been waiting several months and they called me right after I broke my ankle. Chris will wait and bring it up in the spring and I have room for a second one too so I’ve already started working on Keith! This one is lower than the berth I had a few years ago here which was impossible for me to manage on my own. My kayak is probably too heavy for me to get up and down but this isn’t so tall that a lighter weight one wouldn’t work. And if I have two, then I can have someone come with me at times!


  1. Best of luck on finishing up those projects, Mary! I’m off to have a look at Mix Tile. I’ve never heard of them before. You have some wonderful photos of good times at Big Canoe displayed in your hallway!

  2. Mary, you do enough for three or four of us. I’m sitting around trying to stay off my ankle as much as possible, but then my backside gets sore from pressure of sitting. I’m fascinated by your “tile” pictures. How are they accomplished? They would be the perfect application for my cottage, as they can be arranged in a number of ways. We put our tiny lights Christmas tree up this week. So simple when all you do is plug it in. I like the Christmas lights around me, Stay safe Lynn >

  3. Rae is right, you do look very much alike. I do like the Sharon heartstrings quilt and the tile pictures. I know you mentioned them before, but I did not take as much notice as I should have. We have just spent some time at the mouth of the Tomakin River on the south coast of NSW and have been amazed at the number of quite elderly people who have taken up kayaking in recent years. Stay well and safe. Anne

  4. Mary, I love your tiles and inexpensive gets my attention too considering my enormous family. Please share the information on these. My problem is I love all your work but I can’t possibly even start to keep up with you. My doctor took me off chemo finally so now I’m on immunotherapy and so far no side effects yet. Thank you for all you do for us and all the inspiration…Gloria

  5. I love your picture tiles! I need to have some made if I can just remember to get it done. Good luck on your list of projects to get done before you leave. You would probably have a nervous breakdown if you saw the projects I need to get done. Our new puppy is taking up lots of my sewing time. She is a lot of fun but I am looking forward to the non puppy stage.

  6. Well it’s a small world. I regularly kayak on the Tomago River at Tomakin! I bought a life jacket for my little dog earlier this year and now she kayaks with me. Your little doggie might enjoy that too.

    I’ve managed to work out a kind of ‘wiggle and slide’ method of getting my kayak onto the roof of my SUV using an old quilt to slide it up and over the hatchback. Takes a bit of work. It this means I can load and unload the kayak without needing assistance. Great when I want to leave the house without waking anyone up to help.

    Love the colours for the heartstrings quilt. I am busy knitting a hexagon blanket but anxious to get back to some sewing now that it is getting hotter here.

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