Just yesterday afternoon I was wondering if I’d be able to get the 3 projects finished before we left Tuesday morning. That 4 hours working last night changed everything. I’ll actually be done early. The hat is done, the top assembled, and just a few inches left to crochet on the blanket.

I finished trimming the last blocks and assembled my Sharon Inspired HeartStrings top this afternoon. I was afraid there was too much turquoise in this one but I love how it turned out.

I have brief instructions on my website for this HeartStrings variation but I’ll warn you, if you’re a perfectionist this is not the quilt for you. Because of the way we piece our HeartStrings blocks and trim them to size, things won’t always line up perfectly. It’s more exaggerated with strips and strings of various sizes but you will have blocks where things don’t line up as well like the one below. This always bothers me a little during the piecing process but I know that these quilts are about the impression the fabric makes as the blocks come together and by the time the top is quilted, these imperfections don’t jump out at you and in a finished quilt, they don’t bother ME at all … if you’re a perfectionist, they might bother you.


  1. I REALLY love this quilt! If I didn’t already have 4 or 5 projects that have to be done before Christmas, I’d be pulling fabric right now!

  2. You made a good point about a perfectionist having issues with the string blocks not always matching up. I love the imperfections of string quilts but some might not. Your quilt is beautiful! You go girl! I am always amazed how much you get accomplished. You don’t waste much time. I am still planning to teach myself to knit and crochet. You have inspired me!

  3. The lime green and purple stripes really make the turquoise pop! Excellent fabric choices on this one.

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