This one turned out cute! Rae chose the yarn and I chose the pattern.

  • Zigzags Hat – found free on Ravelry
  • Yarn – Paintbox Simply Aran
  • Needle size – #6 for the brim, #8 for the body

I love it when the top of the hat comes out so nicely! Some patterns look better than others.

And just like that with 4 hours working after Keith went to bed, I’ve finished the hat and pieced the last of the blocks for the HeartStrings quilt. I still have 12 blocks to trim and then I’ll be ready to start assembling the top. I also measured the Shell blanket and decided to crochet about 4 more inches before finishing that one up.

3 thoughts on “Finished

  1. That is really cute!! If it is for Rae, she will love it!! You must not require much sleep. And there is no way I could even sew a straight line after 9 pm.


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