November’s accomplishments

You know I like to keep track of what I’ve accomplished. I got through a fair amount of work in spite of a few challenges but also because I didn’t do a lot other than sew, knit, and crochet this month. Now that my ankle is improving, I need to make time for outdoor exercise and we’ll get back on the bikes when we get home. I’ll also get started on my quilting marathon. I’m adding 5 more finished tops to the ones waiting at home and the goal is to finish as many quilts as I can before the end of the year.


  1. Good morning Mary. You certainly get the most out of the hours in a day allotted to us. Do you have a favourite of the hats you made this month? I like all of them, but the lilac one catches my eye the most I think. And the very understated blanket with the variegated yarns is perfect for me. Wishing you a safe trip home to Tampa. We are starting the day with sunshine, but Environment Canada has issued a weather alert for us starting tonight into Wednesday. We are expecting very heavy rains for the two days. It seems strange to us as we would expect some snow this time of year, but nothing else is typical now, do I guess the weather is following suit. Take care Lynn >

  2. Very impressed! Love the lilac hat and shell blanket. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when we look at the things we’ve made? I like to see your accomplishments each month’s end.

  3. You have been super-productive! I have not. It’s been a crappy month.. some issues post-gall bladder surgery have left me not feeling well.. all I have done outside of work is read, lay on the couch. I’m a huge reader but I’m sick of reading!! No gym, no sewing. It’s depressing. Hoping for normal health soon.

  4. Wow! That’s a lot of work. I’m retired but don’t accomplish that much in twice the time! Thanks fir sharing and happy belated Thanksgiving

  5. You are a true inspiration to getting things done. This the first time on 43 years that I am not teaching so it is taking me some time to get into the swing of keeping busy. Just looking at your blog keeps me moving. Thanks

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