Can you see it? We had snow only one time in the 4.5 years we lived in Georgia but the kids have had snow more frequently since we moved in 2006 and Becky reminded me there was a “blizzard” 3 years ago when Mo was born. Of course, we are further north by about an hour and in the mountains so we might actually get snow here occasionally. 

They’re calling for less than an inch accumulation which is good because we’re driving home tomorrow and I don’t do curvy mountain roads in the snow!

8 thoughts on “Snow?!

  1. Yesterday, we were driving down 24 from Nashville TN to spend a day with family in Peachtree City GA before heading back to Inverness FL. We had sleet in Chattanooga on the drive and flurries in Peachtree City last night. The forecast is for the colder temps to hit FL this week. Safe travels as you head back to FL.
    All you hats and knitted blankets are certainly going to be needed with these cold temperatures. Gifts of love and warmth.


  2. We have had only one snowfall here in W. Michigan so far this year but the east side of the state is expected to get some today. I used to dread winter but I so seldom go anywhere now, I guess it doesn’t matter! Safe travels.


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