Full moon

From the mountains to the bay … we love things about both of our homes. Tonight we walked to the bay to get a good view of the full moon. And yes, the heat has finally broken and it was a cool 47 degrees!

Tomorrow I’m starting my December quilting marathon in an attempt to finish up as much as I can before the end of the year. When Keith was taking his turn driving, I went through photos of my finished tops grouping them in like colors based on the color thread I expect to use to quilt them. Things go much quicker if I don’t have to change threads and wind new bobbins for each quilt so I like to quilt more than one when I have a certain color thread on the machine. I’m going to start with gray thread and this group – I’m not sure how many of the four I’ll quilt but I’ll do at least two of them before switching to a different color.


  1. You definitely have the best of both worlds. It looked like a beautiful evening in Tampa! Happy quilting!!

  2. I’m with you about using the same thread color. I have some smaller lap quilts that will be quilted in white thread and I’m going to sew the backing together for the long arm. I always thought this was doable and read a blog lately where the writer told how she does this often. I wouldn’t do it for larger quilts but this size, about 45”, will be perfect. I do like using silver thread most of all in my longarm, it defines the quilting and blends in very well.

  3. Welcome home Mary. Happy to see that you arrived, and that the weather greeting you was pleasant as well. That is a beautiful moon shining on the bay with the lights along the shore twinkling. Now for your quilting marathon.

  4. I would do all four. My mind gets set and off I go! That can be a good thing as shown by my work career or a bad thing as shown by the mess in my sewing room after doing a group of quilts. I have an end in my mind and have to get there. When I worked I found anamolies in computer solutions and tracked through results and code until I understood it. I was transferred a couple of times to fix problems that resulted from the law of unanticipated consequences. When codes get large that is normal thing. Now you who are so very different from me will probably do the first two quilts and then change. You will always get so much more done than I ever could, but very differently.

  5. It was definitely a spectacular full moon. Seeing it over water is even prettier than our view here. Looks like you will be very busy and have lots of binding to do later on.

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