It’s that time of year

For the last few years, I’ve been buying Christmas ornament frames and putting photos of the kids in them as gifts. My thought is how cool will it be when they are older and have a bunch of ornaments with photos of themselves at a specific age in the frames? All this was based on the one year my MIL gave me photo ornaments – I’m pretty sure I added the photos of the boys but still it was a special gift. I buy these at Michaels each year. This year I ordered online and picked them up at the store. And they were on sale!

I have a photo printer but decided to print a couple photos of each of the kids at Walgreens. It’s a better quality photo. I printed two of each of them hoping one would work with the frame I’d gotten. I make sure that the photo I use is from the current year.

Here are the ones from 2017. I hope one day, these will be very special for them.


  1. Such a thoughtful gift, Mary. The ones we have are from when the boys were in preschool and elementary art projects. Treasures!!

  2. What a great gift idea Mary. I know my older grandchildren love to see pictures of themselves at a much younger age. Now we are at the great grand child stage.

  3. Hi Mary! What a fun and fabulous idea. It’s not too late for us to start this with our littles. The oldest is only three. The hardest part would be to select only one photo! HAHA! Thanks for the idea. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Excellent idea and one that I am going to borrow. Our family always adds an ornament from our travels, but with this year we only had a Thanksgiving trip to TN. I did manage to get some handmade Christmas ornaments that will do, but the photo idea is perfect.
    This brings back memories of the annual Christmas gift I used to make with my students. We would use their class picture or a picture of them from their daily activities at school, mount it onto a canning jar lid. The students would add any of the embellishments that I had gathered to their photo and then they would write their name and year on the back.
    Have a great week and stay well. Donna

  5. What a great idea. I also buy ornaments for all the grandkids every year. I buy personalized ones and also have the year put on them. I do like your idea though but it is too late for me since my oldest grandchild is 29. And I still buy her an ornament. I haven’t yet figured out when I should quit obviously.

  6. This is such a great idea! Everyone gets a kick out of seeing pictures of themselves as kids. And I can’t believe how grown up Rae is! I first started following your blog when she was a “wee babe”.

  7. I started this last year for our grandchildren and put them on our tree. Every time they came they went to the tree to look at their picture. They love it. When they’re older we’ll give them all the ornaments.

  8. What a wonderful keepsake. Wish I had thought of that, but will have to wait until I have great grandchildren. So far only a great grand puppy:)

  9. This is a great idea and one I’d love to borrow for my first grandchild born only 8 weeks ago. Any Aussies out there that know of some frames like these to buy in Australia? A google search hasn’t brought up anything like these.

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