On the bike!

I’ve been doing some walking now that my ankle is better. I do have some nerve damage that I’m still hoping is temporary but so far no improvement and I have some discomfort when walking (gets worse the longer I walk) but I found today that biking doesn’t seem to bother it. We got out on the bikes for the first time for me since I broke my ankle in the beginning of October.

We went down to Ballast Point but didn’t hang around because there were a fair number of people there. At this point we’re avoiding spending time with anyone … that includes family and neighbors as well as crowds. We do go to appointments and run errands as needed but wear masks and follow recommendations for distancing and hand washing. It’s frightening how many COVID cases and deaths there are daily and the numbers continue to climb.

It’s so nice to be able to bike along the bay! At least biking, walking, hiking, and time on the porches get us outside some.


  1. Great news about your ankle. You manage to get outdoors on the bike. I do read all your posts. I sometimes feel like you are out of state family. Keep up the good work. You are essential to many people like me with all your inspiration.

  2. Oh my, I do hope the nerve damage lessens each day. My neighbor had something wrong with her foot but biking was always ok. I think that is interesting. Yes, living near water and great walks is a blessing.

  3. So happy your ankle is getting better! Your bike route is beautiful and just a little time outdoors can do wonders that’s for sure.

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