Can anyone tell me when I became such a klutz? In January I cut my finger with the rotary cutter and then in February put the longarm needle through the side of my finger. I hadn’t ever done either before. Today, I put the longarm needle though my left index finger … in through the nail and out the back. OUCH! Good news is no blood on the quilt and I’m still able to knit. I’ve got to finish up the hat I’m working on and get started on binding.

The first Rainbow HeartStrings top is quilted. This is #4 for December so I am making progress. Pantograph is Apex.


    • NO, I’m not going to the ER again! I washed it good and have 3 big bandaids applying pressure. I’ll check on it later ….


  1. I hope you have your tetanus shot up to date. Hope you heal fast. Lucky for you the year is almost over. Hopefully 2021 will be better for you.

  2. Oh my goodness! I hope it doesn’t hurt too bad. Sure puts a dent in how you manage to sew, cook and clean. Neosporin helps healing.

  3. Maybe have your eyes checked? Your depth perception might be changing? Getting old isn’t easy! Hope everything heals well!

  4. Dear Mary… So sorry to hear about the needle through the finger. I did that and it was at a Project Linus sew day many years ago. One of the ladies was going to help . She offered to pull it through and I told her NO as the end of the needle in the machine is bigger than the eye of the needle end. She got needle nose plyers and I cleaned them and then I pulled it out while leaning against a wall! No blood on that quilt either!!!. It was a learning experience.
    I have been to ER twice for rotary cutter blade cuts. I lost 2 weeks off work once. I got distracted. I now have a rule… ..I have to have my fingers at least one inch from the cutting edge of the ruler and always cut away from me.
    I hope you have had your tetanus shot recently. Hope you are not in any pain. Remember lots of people do not admit their mishaps. We do and we learn, hope others learn from our trials and tribulations! Said with a grin and a smile.

  5. Oh Mary, so sorry you have that one to deal with now. You may need to take an hour or so off. Hopefully this will be the end of those events. Take care

  6. So sorry to hear about this–do you think you are trying to do too many things…moving too fast?
    i tend to hurt myself when i get intense…I am happy to hear that you can still knit…rest and breathe…
    hugs, julierose

  7. Oh goodness. I’m sorry. I hope it heals quickly. Quilters are so funny…..first thought is “no blood on the quilt”. Take care.

  8. I am still cringing at the thought of the needle going all the way through. Oh mercy. I hope it isn’t too sore tomorrow. You are quite the trooper to clean it, bandage it, and pick up the knitting! Take care.

  9. Wow! I sliced my finger last week too, it hurt so bad and bled terribly due to my daily aspirin. It was sore for days and no bandaids would stay on. I only one time got my finger under a needle and it wasn’t too bad. Maybe it’s time for an eye checkup? Depth perception is awful, my glaucoma has made me about 60% blind in my left eye and I am learning how to cope. So glad you are a nurse.

  10. Oh no! That sound painful; hope it heals fast. I seem prone to burning myself either from the oven or my iron. I do have some arthritis in my hands so I blame it on that. Getting older is a challenge. The rainbow heartstring quilt is beautiful!

  11. Oh no, that sounds painful!!! I have had this horrible fear lately of slicing my finger or hand. Either with cooking or sewing. The good thing is it has made me super aware of what I am doing and where my fingers are placed. But, as you know, accidents are never planned. I hope you are back to sewing soon and it heals quickly!

  12. Mary, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve hurt yourself, The needle through the finger must have been very startling and painful. You are like family to me because I read all your posts. I want to give you a virtual hug.

  13. Oh dear thats not good on the bright side hands tend to heal fast, hopefully it is not too painful. The quilt looks lovely

  14. Your quite the little trooper and brave. I’m sure that must of hurt a bit. As you know hydrogen peroxide does a good job. It’s great you have a nursing education. I bet it comes in handy a lot of times, especially if the grandchildren hurt themselves. Sorry, that happen to you ! Take care!!

  15. Well Mary! For Pete’s sake. I had a year like yours in 2013, and hope to never repeat any part of it (except the part where I stumbled across a giant of a German shepherd up for adoption at an outdoor quilt show!). Maybe, since this is December, your trials are at an end. I sure hope so!

  16. That sounds awful and so painful.
    I have noticed that during the past year my hands and fingers move differently. I haven’t had any accidents like you have had but I have bumped my hands and fingers into things which I never did before. My hands are steady. I am going to mention it to my doctor when I have a check up scheduled for later this month.
    Be safe.

  17. I sewed through my finger when I was 9. Mom cleaned it up and sat me right back at the sewing machine so I wouldn’t be afraid. I’ve come close on the long arm a couple of times but,so far, have avoided. Hope yours heals quickly!

  18. Years ago I cut the corner of my left index finger off after having just installed a new blade in my rotary cutter. I was pushing down too hard and lost control and the cutter jumped up the edge of the ruler and right across the edge of my finger. Bled profusely! It grew back. LOL I am now more careful.

  19. Aaghh! I have nightmares of sewing myself to a quilt! I imagine myself sewn (threaded too!) and not being able to get myself loose!

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