The 2nd Rainbow HeartStrings top is quilted. This makes #5 for December and luckily the sore finger wasn’t an issue. Pantograph is one that came with the machine and doesn’t have a name on the file but I’ve used it before and it’s one I really like.

You guys are going to get tired of my whining … but bad luck really does come in threes! I had an issue with one of my bobbins and ended up having to pick out most of a row of stitching but I got it out and finished quilting the top. The 3rd issue … we have a little critter in the kitchen … yuck! I found a bag of flour last night in my cabinet that had been chewed through – Keith set traps and Terminix is scheduled to come out Thursday to find out how it got in.


  1. Frog stitching is a pain always intrigues me that it takes so much longer to do than the time to stitch in the first place. Critters in the kitchen annoying let’s hope you catch them. I like the quilt motif you have used , glad your finger is not hindering your quilting programme 😉

  2. I feel for you If it’s not one thing, its another. You are doing great on your goals though.

  3. I was advised a piece of a Slim Jim in a trap will catch them every time. I hope you find their entryway. You are amazing with all you get done! I wish you lived next door to me. I need inspiration!

  4. Hope you get rid of the critter. We’ve had an occasional mouse in this house but never figured out where they come in.

  5. I love your cheerful HeartStrings quilt and would like to make one sometime. You asked your readers if they use Zoom to connect with friends and family. We have used it since the beginning of the pandemic to keep in touch with our two children and grandchildren. We have eaten Easter brunch and Thanksgiving dinner on Zoom with them and plan to do the same at Christmas. We have even had game nights. Yahtzee works great. We receive it over our laptop and use an external monitor to watch it on our TV. The TV gives you a bigger picture. We have not been able to be with our family since this all started so this works for us. Thanks for all the inspiration that you give us!

  6. I understand that critters are looking for a place to winter but when the mouse in the house takes a chunk of the poison bait out of the plastic container and hid it under my couch, I kinda freaked out. I kept hoping I did not find the dead carcass but also hoping he was expired outside. I was rearranging the living room furniture for Christmas and discovered the chunk of bait. Luckily I do not have any pets or small children.
    I did watch a longarm video last week and a person had trouble with her bobbin and stitch tension. Repairman made a house call and told her the bobbin case was worn out and replaced it. He said it can happen. Machine was about 6 years old. Problem solved.
    Remember, life it isn’t always something you can control. You do seem to roll with the punches and give us readers something interesting to read.

  7. You are lucky the critter is the furry kind you can trap. Earlier this spring my daughter opened her flour and discovered weevils Uck! They had come in with some off brand flour she had had to buy when she couldn’t find her usual brand. They had already moved to other food items. She had to clean the entire pantry and throw out an amazing amount of food stuff because she didn’t wish to eat weevils. Needless to say she has now spend a small fortune on containers to put food in instead of leaving them in the original boxes.

  8. We all have spent innumerable hours “un-stitching”. I hate unsightly backs. I just try to be patient while “un-sewing”. 10 minutes to stitch, and hour to unstitch.
    On the mouse note, we live in a manufactured home. And in the country. Mice are a constant problem. This winter we have caught a dozen so far. It an ongoing issue. Again, I try to be patient. We love living in the country. Our pets love it. But, the mice love it, too. All my fabric is stored in plastic bins. All the kitchen perishables are stored in plastic containers. It’s a way of life in this house. Sigh

  9. I can’t even imagine unstitching a quilted top, even just a row. I get so irritated with myself if I make a mistake sewing and need to do some ripping. I hope you catch that mouse!!! I don’t even like them outside of the house. We had a problem in the garage last year but so far so good this year.

  10. Oh Mary! It doesn’t seem at all like you’re whining. You’re telling it like it is. I’m amazed at how much you accomplished while having your foot in a boot, a needle rammed through your finger, a nasty thread issue, and now critters in the cupboard. Sure glad Terminix could come out soon. I was unloading groceries recently and had the storm door propped open. The garage door was still open too and suddenly I glimpsed something darting rapidly toward the open storm door. I let out a yelp and the critter diverted beneath a big shelf unit in the garage and disappeared. From the speed it displayed, I suspect it was a chipmunk. I realized how easily it could have been inside and I wouldn’t have been the wiser, for a while any way! (Lovely quilts and hats, by-the-way.)

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