A busy day!

I had the Terminix people coming so I actually had to clean up a bit this morning. Then he took up about an hour of my time. Bottom line is yes, there’s at least one mouse in the kitchen and he set a couple traps. The attic looks good, no rodent activity at all, he’s not sure what the musty odor is from in the bedroom but he says it’s not rodent related. Keith and I were kind of thinking maybe something died in the wall when we were gone but he says no. They’ll come back next week and do some more work on the outside where he identified possible entry points and double check the traps.

I also got the cards and small packages for the kids packed up and ready to ship and since I also have to send a small package to my sister, I pulled some fabrics to cut some Strippie quilts for Mom. We FaceTimed last night so she could choose 4 novelty prints and then today, I pulled coordinating fabrics and FaceTimed her again to make sure she liked the combinations I’d chosen. I’ve got one cut and plan to cut the other 3 in time to ship everything out on Monday.

With all this, I still managed to load and quilt my Green 5 Star top. It’s #7 quilted for December. I ended up changing thread for this one, I was going to use the same tan thread I used for the last one but I found a sage green that worked even better. It’s a monochromatic quilt and maybe a little dull but I like the Blowing Leaf quilting – it’s a pantograph – so maybe I’ll like it more once it’s trimmed and bound. You’ll see a full photo of the quilt when I’m finished with it.

I also finished binding #2 and started binding #3 last night. There will be more binding tonight!


  1. I am sure the rodent issue is a pain, but thankfully Keith is open to having professionals in to work on the issue. My husband is a firm DIYer, and there are times I can’t wait for travel again (while he’s away…)LOL

  2. Each fall, the mice come to visit our area under the kitchen sink. We store our dog food in a recycling bin near there. We load up the traps and manage to catch 1 or 2. When I lived in Idaho, our home was by fields and they came into the area where we had an exhaust fan over the stove to the roof. I would set the traps, and the first year we caught 8 or 9. I almost killed my husband when I found out he went to work and bragged about how many I caught! I’ve learned since then that it’s just normal for mice to find me. Last year we camped in the Rio Grande Valley and I caught a Palm Rat, now that thing was horrible, not like my little mice at all. Hope you are free of the little ones now.

  3. Mary you are amazing with how much you get done. Your colors are wonderful. Your star quilt is lovely. I still have to be careful with my points. What kind of long arm do you use? Thanks for saying what pantograph you use. I appreciate it.

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