My Boxed Squares top is quilted. It’s #8 quilted in December and it’s just simple freehand – continuous curve/line dancing.

I also kitted up 5 projects for Mom. Four Quick Strippies and while I was quilting my Boxed Squares I thought why not send her a Jelly Roll to make one too. I even found some matching yardage to cut her a binding.

More binding tonight!

5 thoughts on “Quilted

  1. Your quilting on the Boxed Squares looks like flowers! Lovely pattern. My quilt guild adores your strippie pattern. About two weeks ago, I cut about fifteen kits of the quick strippie pattern to give to our members for a charity effort. And then I came home and cut one out for myself to make!


  2. Beautiful quilt!! I really need to make a Strippie quilt for our great granddaughter. They are so cute. It is so nice that you prepare those sewing projects to help keep your mother busy. I am sure she appreciates it so much.


  3. It is so thoughtful of you to make this kits for your mother. If I had a lovingly made kit from somebody I would get a lot done! Of course I really should be on the other end and be making up kits FOR somebody but I can’t think of anyone that I’d give any to and I would NEVER get my own sewing done!


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