Where is Waldo?

I had a lot of people ask which one was me in the McLaughlin family photo … I’m the 4th oldest in the family. So sad but Keith didn’t even know which one I was!! Family relationships and I guess even family ages get confusing for him. I’m almost certain he knows I have two younger sisters … kind of makes it obvious which one I am, right?!

7 thoughts on “Where is Waldo?

    1. Then, after thinking how much your sister and I looked alike, I thought how much your dad looked like Timothy Omundson who played Detective Lassiter on the series “Psych”. Good Irish bones!


  1. Mary have been following your blog for a while but did not know much of your family background. With a name of McLaughlin there must be quite a bit of Irish there.
    Maureen in Ireland


  2. Great Family picture! Still can see your smile. Wasn’t to hard to pick you out. What a great thing you did for your Mom. She will enjoy that I’m sure. Must be so hard not to be seeing her like you did, especially staying with you and Keith . Take care and stay safe! It will be nice when you can get your tooth done. How is your finger? xo


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